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 Kenya Coviak – Editor in Chief – Detroit’s Pagan Journalist, Activist, Magical Teacher, Family-Service Worker, and the creator behind Detroit Conjure and Folk Magic Festival. Presenter ConVocation, Michigan Pagan Fest, Pagan Pride Day Detroit, Bluewater Pagan Conference, Pagan Pathways Temple, and Witchfest USA in 2018. Editor PBN News Network, Contributing writer ‘Peppermint & Sage Magazine’, ‘The Good Witch’s Guide’ by Shawn Robbins and Charity Bedell, and PBN News Network.

Rev Jonathon Bellehaven Rev. Jonathon S. Bellehaven; M.Th. – a licensed, ordained interfaith minister, wedding officiant, crisis intervention counselor, spiritual adviser, and co-founder of the Bellehaven Family Tradition of Witchcraft. He has been a part of the North Georgia Pagan community for more than a decade contributing to both Pagan and Interfaith projects such as the Pagan Pathways Festivals, Pagan Prison Ministry, Outward Bound, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and North Georgia Solitaries public events. Rev. Bellehaven is most well known for being a long-time organizer of the Atlanta Pagan Marketplace of Ideas, and is a contributing writer to The Pagan Sabbat Handbook written and compiled by Charissa Iskiwitch. He’s a happily married father of two living in North Georgia.

 Loona Wynd – My name is Loona Wynd. I am 32 years old (born in 85). I have been studying paganism and religions since I was 13. My mother raised me in the United Church of Christ. She was raised Catholic. I am like her in many ways in that I feel children should be exposed to and involved in spirituality. I was a member of my church’s junior choir for several years. I also assisted in Sunday School teaching. Religiously I identify as a witch. I do not practice Wicca as I have not been initiated into Wicca , but I do practice a form of religious witchcraft which has been inspired by Wicca. I am a dedicant in the Temple Tradition of witchcraft. Though I am always studying and exploring many other witchcraft traditions and practices. I am a firm hard polytheist. I believe that all deities exist and are separate beings. In this way I believe in all deities out there. I may not worship all the deities but I do believe in them. I do feel that I can honor and believe in a deity with out worshiping them. I can honor them through reading their lore and studying the culture they were a part of. I also believe that there is a spirit within each living thing. In this way I am an animist. I believe that there are many different spirits out there and spiritual worlds. I believe in the dualistic nature of reality. There is a physical side to life and a spiritual side of life. The universe is much more complex and diverse than we can see it. Part of my spiritual and religious practices involves travel to these other worlds and realms. I practice both practical magic and ceremonial magic. Most of my magic lately has been very much based on mental projections and focus. There is a lot of thought manipulation and energy work through very basic thought form creation. I am looking into learning more about folk magic traditions and practices. I also practice shamanistic rites and meditative rites. I am trained in Conjure work by Starr Casas. I am a dedicant in the Temple tradition of witchcraft and a member of their Mystery School. I briely studied the Feri tradition with Veedub (Valerie Walker). I run and own Mystic Echoes which is a metaphysical store online. All of our herbal products are handcrafted and ready for ritual work. We carry items for holistic health and magical practices. I am the Co-Author of the book The Good Witches Guide published last year by Sterling.

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 Katherine O’Boyle – Sheffield –  I go by the nickname Kat. I reside in Montgomery, Alabama. I currently work for a national pharmacy and retail chain. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts and Animation and am a 2017 National Technical Honor Society Inductee at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. I also am a member of the Online Volunteers Club. During my personal time, I read Dean R. Koontz and Tami Hoag books, watch CG movies and Anime, listen to music, make jewelry, take photographs, and, most importantly, spend time with my number one muse, my little impish daughter.
I am a military brat so I have experienced multiple cultures and religious practices first-hand. I am an eclectic pagan. Only through studying various cultures and religions and finally meeting like-minded pagans in Alabama did I truly find a place where I felt accepted and comfortable. No one religion seemed my path to follow. Once I learned of eclectic pagans, I felt at home. I seek to continue my research, to connect with other pagans, and to strengthen our community, through sharing our research, our rituals, our beliefs.

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