Our Staff

Charissa Iskiwitch

Sadie Odinsdottir Operations Manager mother of two, crafter, gardener, and rootworker. Co-owner and founder of Sleeping Gryphon, which she built from scratch. A life-long learning of witchcraft has brought her many teaching and counseling opportunities. Chasing her scandinavian and roma lineage, she found a love for studying faiths and belief paths, Keeping an eye on the pulse of the Pagan community both local and abroad, Sadie stays connected with a path and with people that continue to inspire her.

Kenya Coviak – Editor in Chief – Detroit’s Pagan Journalist, Activist, Magical Teacher, Family-Service Worker, and the creator behind Detroit Conjure and Folk Magic Festival. Presenter ConVocation, Michigan Pagan Fest, Pagan Pride Day Detroit, Bluewater Pagan Conference, Pagan Pathways Temple, and Witchfest USA in 2018. Editor PBN News Network, Contributing writer ‘Peppermint & Sage Magazine’, ‘The Good Witch’s Guide’ by Shawn Robbins and Charity Bedell, and PBN News Network.


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