About Us

The Pagan Business Network was established in 2014 by Charissa Iskiwitch to bring businesses in the Pagan community together.  There is strength and power in numbers.  Rather than see each other as competition we work hard to instill a sense of community with each other, sharing skills and opportunities to help all Pagan businesses grow and find the success they are looking for.

 We are Stronger together

We are very proud of how the business community has come together and helped to build a strong network of skills and opportunities.  We have artists, retailers, musicians, journalists, writers, authors, bloggers, podcasters, radio show hosts, graphic designers, web designers, social media managers, packaging designers and more.   We have an active discussion group on Facebook for businesses to share insight and discuss issues they are facing with everything from finding suppliers to marketing opportunities to information on bookkeeping and anything else under the sun.

Our staff is made up of tireless volunteers dedicated to the Pagan business community and offering up their skills to help our members.

Pagan Business Network has grown in the last 4 years from a Facebook group to a full blown network, offering opportunities for writers with PBN News, musicians and show hosts with PBN Radio, free business listings on Pagan Business Directory, marketing opportunities through our membership package as well as some marketing opportunities that can be purchased independently of the membership package.

We have a series of Facebook groups for various types of posts:

Pagan Business Network Discussion

Pagan Marketplace by PBN

PBN Event Resources

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