Astrology Forecast July 26th – August 1st

This week we have a few planet’s moving. We have Mercury moving into the sign of Leo, Jupiter retrograde back into the sign of Aquarius and Mars moving into the sign of Virgo. Even though we have a lot of planetary action, the main energy we are going to feel is Mars entering Virgo. This is mainly because Mars is the flame and energy that drives us.

Mars enters into the sign of Virgo on Thursday, July 29th and will be here until September 14th. Mars typically does not like being in the sign of Virgo and can be a hard energy to navigate. We may overthink our actions, make simple decisions complex and avoid completing projects. This is because sometimes we get caught up in our minds and can’t move forward. With understanding how this energy works, try to just act and not step back and analyze it. We can easily get trapped in an endless cycle in our minds. It is important to also remember that we can’t control everything and thing’s can be perfectly imperfect.

If we can work with Mar in Virgo this upcoming week into the next month and a half, we can actually accomplish a lot. Virgo is a very hard working sign. Try to not let yourself stand in your own way. One good thing to remember is that if we think about something but didn’t act because we held ourselves back, we may regret not taking the chance when it is gone.

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