Astrology Forecast July 11th- 18th

To start this week, we are coming off the New Moon in Cancer from last Thursday. We have been feeling effects of it this past weekend. With the New Moon in Cancer, it has been an energy of a new chapter beginning. Cancer rules over our family and close friends. You may have seen noticed a lot more family events around this time.

The energy is going to be continued by Mercury moving into the sign of Cancer today by our connections and talking with our loved one’s. We may be drawn to reach out to those we have not talked to in a while to check on how they are doing. In return, the same thing may be happening to us. Someone out of the blue might be trying to reconnect. It is very important to listen to our loved one’s and take the time to allow yourself to open up to them as well.

Another aspect with Mercury entering Cancer is to take care of your home. There may be little thing’s here and there that need to be fixed or replaced. When we repair these little thing’s, it help break up some of the stuck energy and make your space feel more at home again. Also, look to your bodily home too. Make sure that you are nurturing and taking care of yourself. Only you know your body, and it is important to take care of it and listen to what it is telling you.

Overall, this week is a good week in according to astrology. We don’t have a lot of heavy energy or a ton of planet’s moving. The main message is to make sure you are taking care of yourself, your home and family/friends.

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