Minnesota, gods damn

This weekend in Minnesota saw continuous protests regarding the shooting death of Daunte Wright by Kimberly Potter. Police statements referring to the stop being based on a hanging air freshener did nothing to quell outrage by many in the community. Already broiled in ballistic collisions of old guard police culture and police reformation, citizens took to the streets to demand answers and action.

This tragedy takes place in the shadow of the trial police killing of George Floyd. The cost in blood, bone, and belief that the protests of his death sparked are still ravaging the state. The response by the officials in this case seemed to be firmly shaped by the lessons of last year’s tumultuous summer.

The Brooklyn Center Police Department seemed to not be responsive, however, to the new protocols and procedures. Press and protestors encountered tactics counter to current city administration’s policy. Suppression included tear gas, propellants, and mass arrests. 

Governor Waltz mobilized what he called “largest police presence” ever assembled in the state. This response is clearly meant as a show of force against activists and agitators. The violence level anticipated by these actions are grim.

As a nation awaits the Derek Chauvin verdict, Minnesota is revealing itself to be very about brutal business as usual at the highest level. The willingness of law enforcement to violate a federal court order prohibiting targeting of journalists is damning. The headlong run into the direct opposition to the courts contradict the pretty picture of reforms being given.

California Respresentative Maxine Waters threw support behind the demonstrations by encouraging protestors to stay in the streets. This was despite the curfew called by the governor. House Majority Leader Kevin Mccarthy then called for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to address the comments as some sort of incitement go violence.

This is not unexpected from Representative McCarthy. He is noted for his fury about the violence against the nation’s capitol on January 6, 2021. The very real face of rage is fresh in the minds of our legislators.

Press are caught the lion’s mouth of a brutish model in Minnesota. They report harassment by law enforcement. CNN’s live coverage team was arrested on site. Still other journalists were held and their credentials, ID, and documents photographed.

Why does all this matter? Why does this affect us? What can it mean?

The reason this bears watching is that authoritarianism always has mission creep. It doesn’t stop with economic or class demographics. It hits religion, sex, nationality, every thing. What happens in Minnesota can affect us all.

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