The story of “A”, a Pagan protester part 6

Transcripts can be accessed by following the link of video to YouTube.

 This this whole situation just really opened up my eyes to just how, how dark things can be when you think that they’re actually supposed to be good. Um, I really don’t know a better way to word that.

These images represent the damage to “A”. Her identifying marks and eyes are obfuscated. PBN retains the originals.

This story is only one of hundreds of stories. The protests continue in Detroit. Pagans continue to involve themselves. We continue to seek the stories of all sides.

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One Reply to “The story of “A”, a Pagan protester part 6”

  1. Thank you so much for your strength and getting out there as a white woman. It feels strange to say that but it’s irresponsible almost for us to be silent when we see such injustice happening! I think it’s so important for not just white people, but all skin colors, genders & non-genders, all religions, all ages, to join with our black and brown brothers and sisters, and stand against the racist, violent deadly police system in this country. It was originally designed in the south, after slavery was abolished, as another way to imprison the newly freed people. I felt sick after learning that.

    America is the melting pot, and she is known as that. We are have immigrant lineage except the Natives. We as a country are not those bigoted monsters anymore. Our culture has moved past that. So why haven’t our police? They behave in the same ways as when they were made. The same ways the police did in the racist 50s and 60s when then too the people stood up against racism only to be returned with violence. This continual attitude over all these years, that the police are untouchables, gives these ordinary people with badges and guns, unlimited power to prey upon who they will… even kill. All without severe punishment or most of the time even punishment in the slightest. And most of all without any shame or reprimand amongst peers, colleagues, bosses, the community (that has been lied to by the Chief of Police in a press briefing of course) and of course the Republican Party.
    The ONLY WAY things will change is for the good guys to take over the jobs!!! Is for diverse hiring, sensitivity training, much more options other than live ammunition. Immediate firing of any officer who shoots a person and injures and/or kills someone, no matter the circumstances. Going through and removing all officers who have murdered any civilians, whatever the circumstances.
    Let the police reflect the culture and people of our country. Not a hateful one-sided party. Not a bigoted, racist group. Not a long standing protection of violent behavior system. Root out the old, bigoted police chiefs that protect this behavior or encourage it. Impose actual real consequences for overstepping of power, for sexual advances on civilians, for harassment of someone because of color of their skin. Take away that shield that they feel protected by that will allow them to do anything under. And then see how they behave. Make them pay penance and give restitution to the families that they ruin after murdering someone they love. Spending time listening to the hurt they caused, attending the funerals, going to community action meetings to help. Or they can go to jail. Don’t give guns with live ammunition to any cop that has shown any aggression, quick to be mad, strangeness or rudeness around people of color, said anything racist or homophobic, and arm them with tasers and mace.
    I could go on and on. I sit and think of ideas all the time. Instead of defunding the police I think we should think bigger and more encompassing. Like join the police and mental health emergency crew in the same funding area. Because so often it’s a mental health issue and so many lives could be saved if the police AND mental health EMTs worked together. Or better yet, they just start staffing them as part of the force.

    Ok I’m done lol! Keep up what you’re doing but please stay safe! You are inspiring, beautiful and strong!
    Blessed Be Sister

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