The Care and Feeding of your Gris Gris

So you bought a Gris Gris or a Mojo bag… now what?

Say Hello to your little friend!!

Well first you need to understand that a Gris Gris is not just a charm bag…. When made properly it is transformed by the maker into a spiritual being, that when given respect and “food” will work hard for you.

He is somewhat simple, but he is dedicated and will work hard for you if he is taken care of properly.

The first thing you need to do is to give him a name! When you first get him home, you will need to feed him. Take the oil that comes with him, make a 5 dot pattern like on a die, 4 corners then one in the middle. Then whisper to him 3x.. Your name is _______!

Now you have to bond with him. So for the first week he needs to be kept close to your body.. I mean very close.. to the skin whenever possible. Sleep with him as well. You need to make the connection. Talk to him, use his name. Tell him what you need from him.

After the first week he can then go in a purse , or a bag or a pocket. Or even just on your altar.

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