Equinox, Families & Balance… Almost!

It’s currently ten to one in the morning and I can’t sleep. Not that I’m not tired, I’m absolutely exhausted, in every sense of the word, but my ten year old baby is in pain and couldn’t sleep so I can’t sleep either.

Today was the Autumn Equinox and I’ve spent the day cooking, doing crafts and talking with my brood about harvest, bounty, balance, harmony and all the usual stuff for this time of year. 

And as I lay here in bed waiting for my baby to fall back to sleep with her hot water bottle, mountain of stuffed toys and bottle of water, I’m pondering on the sort of balance that isn’t often discussed in Pagan parenting circles because it doesn’t seem like a particularly Pagan theme… The balance between parenting and self care. 

As the mother of three additional needs kids, finding the time to practice self care can be extremely difficult and finding time to be just a wife, in love with her husband; forget about it. I talk a lot in my blogs, my talks, open discussions etc about the need to remember self care and also the need to forgive yourself when you’re not always the perfect parent you want to be and that’s the most important balance.

Knowing when I say “I tried my best and that’s enough” or to say “I messed that up, I’m sorry” allows for others in the family to appreciate that you’re making an effort and reminds them that we’re only human. Another balance comes into play here too… Your children may be your children, your babies, but they’re people too and they understand, even from a young age, when Mummy, Daddy, Mapa, Pops or whoever you are to them, takes the time to apologise and explain that you were tired or just needed a minute… They appreciate that you respect them enough to do that, rather than dismissing them as children who won’t understand… Balancing between always being in control to protect and support your children with remembering that they’re individuals with understanding, compassion and empathy…

So, while these subjects may not seem particularly Pagan, we can see parallels. The balancing act of nature as it makes the infinitesimal adjustments needed to maintain life, harmony and fertile harvest has a lot in common with the complexity and dynamics of family relationships and the balancing act that is managing the varying needs of everyone in the household. 

What is a faith, belief, religion or spiritually for, it not to inspire, empower and comfort us in our everyday lives?

Maybe we should take the time, insert a little self care, and look for more parallels within nature, spirit and myth that can guide us through these difficult patches and remind us of what makes us calm, content and competent as parents. 

Or maybe it’s far too late and I should get some sleep instead of rambling at you… 

I don’t know… Tell me what you think? 🙂 

Be well, be empowered and be blessed, folks!

xXx Debi xXx

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