Ask Alice (Vol. 4)

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I can’t stand my partner lately. Even his breathing is annoying me. What do I do?

Thank you for sharing that with me. I think it’s important in these instances to unpack your feelings a little bit more.

The quarantine has forced us to spend constant time with our households, so we all get a very realistic view of who our closest people are. 

Are you seeing things in your partner that weren’t obvious before because they were working more? Is this pent-up resentment? Are you going through quarantine and feeling unsafe & insecure? Be genuinely curious about your emotions. They will guide you to your answer. 

You’re allowed to change your attitude or your life as you learn new things, and you are supported.

It’s Leo season, and the harvest festival is coming. How can I even celebrate when the world is as it is?

Cancer season (and its eclipses) has finally released us from its emotional intensity. We notice an increase in our cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and vitality. The Leo Sun invites us all to shine bright, enjoy ourselves, connect with our playfulness, and bring our full selves to the world. 

There are small ways we can celebrate Lammas (or Lughnasadh, whichever name you use) without a true festival: bake bread, collect seeds for next year, burn effigies, honour our work, & prepare for the darkness of winter. (Don’t forget to remind your personal community that you are grateful for them!)

Let’s find our little joys, be grateful for what we have, and celebrate the fact that we are alive! Life will never be perfect, but by cultivating our own joy and radiating it outward, we can individually make the whole world a better place. 

I’m done feeling down. This pandemic isn’t going anywhere for Frigg-knows how long. How do I crawl out of this?

Yes! You’ve already taken the first step. Being honest about your state of being and consciously intending to change it is what will lead you out of the patterns that reinforce the trauma of the pandemic. 

Be gentle with yourself. Collect the goals & dreams you’d like to chase, and break them down into tiny daily chunks. Find daily ways to move your body. Journal your feelings (and do rituals to release all that which isn’t serving your best life). Personally, I’ve found listening to podcasts transformative — particularly ones that focus on happiness and well-being. And… allow yourself to socialize, even at the recommended distance. The mental health impact of isolation can best be described anecdotally: the worst thing you can do to a prisoner is put them in solitary confinement.

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