Ask Alice (Vol. 3)

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I feel like as quarantine drags on, I’m delving deeper and deeper into my practices. I love it, but I feel like I’m just further isolating myself emotionally. 

That makes sense. As we spend more time with ourselves, pieces of our independent, or core, selves become apparent. Our responsibility for our patterns becomes apparent as we become the only one who is guiding our behaviour.

This indicates that you are ‘increasing your frequency.’ During this process, it’s important to take time to journey within ourselves and approach our shadows with a peaceful curiosity. Even the Moon has dark phases! As we align with who we truly are, it is normal to find ourselves moving away from the majority of people we surrounded ourselves with previously. (Plus, our tribe helps us live longer!)

My partner and I have decided not to try for a baby because of everything that’s going on in the world. I know it’s right but I still feel sad. 

Allow yourself to grieve. Part of the human condition is our ability to attach ourselves to what we imagine. In addition to the physical human you were trying to bring into the world, you now also need to release the plans you imagined — clothes, toys, schools, activities. 

Grief is complicated, so go at your own pace. Talk to a friend. Allow yourself time and space to truly feel your feelings, and you’ll find their burden lessened. Rituals and spells are always a good way to release emotional energy. There is so much to grieve, so be kind to yourself.

I’m a stay-at-home mom. I love my children, but I need to get away from them. I feel so guilty. 

Ah, yes, I feel that. The constant mom guilt. At this moment, I believe it’s hormonal as a result of the ‘normal’ long-term stressors of motherhood.

In the 21st century, blended families are the norm. As families become more complex, the mental load of running a household intensifies. Add in COVID concerns, and now everything is just a series of rotating responsibilities. 

Of course you’re burned out!

You’re allowed to have these moments, and you’re allowed to take time to care for yourself. This is the time to call upon your support network and give yourself the opportunity to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. Even small moments of peaceful stillness can go a long way towards easing stress.

Ask Alice on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @erisphilia

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