Celebrity Chef Maya (Myisha Mastersson) magically manifests a culinary empire

Imagine lush, rich fields of produce bursting forth from fecund farm soil under the magical hands of an international chef, traveler, and witch. See a world where culinary students train on the site of an actual working farm dedicated to addressing food insecurity and cultural exploration. Now add international excursions and weekly cooking classes. This is the Black Roux Collective, an empire rising under the starpower of Celebrity Chef Maya (Myisha Mastersson).

Detroit’s beloved Celebrity Chef Maya is a veteran of the culinary industry. For over 25 years, her cuisine exploration and experience encompasses the Midwest, the eastern seaboard, the Pacific Northwest, Greece, South America, South Africa, and the Southern United States. Television appearances, start studded events, and even appearances on Food Network speak to the talent and expertise of her standing.

A sought after darling of the executive/private chef scene, Seattle was good to her for 10 years. It even served as the birthplace of her first product, Fancy Ass Olives. But love and money don’t always walk in hand. It was time to move. The time for a change came in a rush. It was time to be her own savior. So she moved back to Detroit to heal. She gives more of her story of transformation in an interview with Afros and Knives.

Celebrity Chef Maya’s FANCY ASS OLIVES!

Local Metro Detroit Black Witch, Metro Detroit Pagan , and African Spiritual Traditions communities delighted in her fire and talent. Visiting local magical events, she was a much talked about power. But staying here was only a temporary rest stop on the trip to her goals. Wasting no time, she soon set her compass South. She returned to a city she fell in love with long ago.

Within less than a year, Chef created the Black Roux Culinary Collective. This project hosts monthly supper clubs. Providing patrons with exclusive 12 course affairs, she enhanced the discussion for the local dining culture. Her pop ups in hot spots around the city are burning up the scene. She now serves as President of the Just Call Me Chef New Orlean’s Chapter.

Chef’s unique vision for her cuisine is both fun and flavorful. Her offerings are definitely full of the same rich story as herself. Her menus are the talk of two river cities, Detroit and New Orleans. Transplants from the “D” to “Nawlins” are fans. Her Quarantine Cooking offerings were a definite hit during Covid 19’s first wave.

But Black Roux is more than this. Cooking classes are taking the fear out of the kitchen. Making cooking skills accessible to everyone, her classes are offer home cooks a chance to try new recipes that may be otherwise intimidating. With an emphasis on cultural diversity, students can taste the world while right there in Louisiana.

What more could she fit into an already rich vision? Add food tourism into the mix. Offering food tour experienes throughout the world, her vision gained wings. Combining her love of travel, adventure, and cuisine was the natural progression of her path.

Our excursions aim to take our students to the source. What better way to learn about the worlds diverse culinary traditions than to get on a plane and go there. Our small group itineraries submerge you in culture, cuisine, and the ultimate in authentic regional cooking.


Chef’s new expansion project is Black Roux Farms. Part farm, part school, part CSA, this work is a jewel in her diadem. Hers is a commitment to providing dream access to those affected by food insecurity. It is a stairway for careers in farming, and culinary, careers. Her fundraiser outlines an entire manifesto for its manifestation.

Black Roux Farms will be a living classroom that provides food to undeserved communities and classes to underprivileged children to combat food insecurity. Our most pressing need is to obtain property for this farm. We would like to do this while remaining in the innercity area and not outsourcing to the suburbs. Black Roux Farms will be accessible by public transportation in a central New Orleans location.

We will provide free produce boxes to low income families with an emphasis on families of color.

We will provide an upstart program for teens of color who wish to become culinary and farming professionals.

We will hold a monthly supper club featuring chefs of color who would otherwise be unable to be in the spotlight.

We will hold regular classes.. seminars.. and workshops for women of color who wish to farm, garden, or feed their children healthier.

While we are combating racism in this country… it is even more important to combat food deserts… food insecurity.. and hunger in our communities.

Black Roux has a mission and we need your help.

Donations will be used to purchase land and fund opening of the Farm Collective.

Black Roux Farms Fundraiser

The collective continues to gain speed. Chef Maya secured her board for her nonprofit, and now works toward establishing her nonprofit status. She is in talks with Grow Green NOLA to secure a site from the land bank. The farm’s establishment is on the horizon.

Written into her future plans is a book. Part cookbook, part biography, the work is in progress now. Her adventurous travels and drive are sure to make it a must have for the well-read cook. She is definitely a witch to watch.

You can contact Celebrity Chef Maya by phone 586-224-5466, or via email maya@blackrouxcollective.com. Hey, do you smell that? It smells like the rich broth of success.

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