Voices of Dissidents on an Ancestral level

PBN News commits to covering events that touch our reader’s interestest and communities. Voices rising up through the blood and bodies of Ancestral spiritual activism are sweeping the nation. We bring you three here, from the day of the Belle Isle Freedom March in Detroit on June 5, 2020.

These young ladies stood fierce, focused, and aflame. They were standouts. They were also keenly aware of what significance this moment in history had on a spiritual level for their generation.

Interview with a trio at the Belle Isle Freedom March site, June 5, 2020. Video: Kenya Coviak, all rights reserved.

1st Protester: I’m Lily. I want to see more cops and more people being held resonsible for their actions, and the injustice of the system. And I came out today to show my support because I am a Black woman and I have a Black father. And my sister … she is raising a Black man, as well. And I am tired of seeing our Black men being killed and the injustice of police officers, and they’re not being held responsible. So, and they deserve justice and I’m her to be the voice that they tried to silence.

2nd Protester: Hi, my name is Avy. I came out today because I have a Black son. I am a woman of color. I come from a Black Family. A little bit about myself, my Mom’s Mexican Brown, my Dad is Black African American. I’m tired of the injustice in America.

They need to reform the police. They need to reform the government. This system does not help anybody but the people of caucasian race, in my opinion. It’s not for us, and I’m tired of it. Us young people are gonna change the world. We have to continue to keep out here protesting, because this is the only way they will hear our voices. If we make movements like this.

We’re making history. Don’t give up on us. Don’t give up on your people. We’re here today. We’re standing today. Because this is not right, and it’s not fair, and my voice will not be silenced as well.

3rd Protester: (Did not want to give name.) I’m here supporting all of my Black brothers and sisters. I showed up with two sisters that I don’t even know, but we’re standing here in solidarity for Black people, for people of color, for Brown people, for all injustices in the police system that have not been brought to justice.

We want to see change in our criminal justice system. We want to see our Black men walking away from situations instead of being murdered. And we’re tired, we’re willing to fight for the rights that have been taken from us, time and time again. Black Power.

The demonstrators continued to hold space for hours after the event. Police maintained a low level presence. Horns of support sounded constantly for a solid hour after the event.

Demonstrators across street from Belle Isle Bridge, Detroit Photo: Kenya Coviak, all rights reserved.

We continue to process incoming information here. The George Floyd inspired marches and speeches intiated and era of sweeping activism. We will continue to bring you more stories.

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  1. I’m glad to read these articles. Current events from a pagan point of view are few. Thank you PBN and Kenya Coviak for covering this.

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