Pagan Business Threatened by New Neighbor

While many businesses are challenged by pandemic-inspired lockdowns and stay home orders, not every business’s experience is the same. 

Frey’s Hermetic Supplies, for example, has a problem with their new neighbors.

Photo of the front door of Frey's Hermetic Supplies, with curtained windows on each side of the door, a sword on one window, and a pentacle on the other.
Frey’s Hermetic Supplies – Image courtesy of the owner

Owner Martinique Fisher – in business for about 10 years – like many Pagan businesses, got her start on the festival circuit. About a year and a half ago, she opened a brick and mortar location in Orange, California.

While Fisher’s landlord is Christian, there wasn’t any problem until this past week, when a new burger restaurant moved in next door. Fisher tells PBN that the restaurant owner has been trying to make an issue of the nature of the products that Frey’s provides. This includes allegedly approaching the landlord, and other businesses in the area, to talk about the nature of Frey’s Hermetic Supplies, and threatening to push Frey’s out on several occasions. 

The walls of the adjoining businesses are fairly thin, according to Fisher. Activities in the restaurant knocked items off shelves in her store, and broke them. The restaurant owner was not interested in discussing paying for the damages. Nor was he open to talking about how, as good neighbors, they might want to be cautious about causing damage. 

Fisher states that the restaurant owner has suggested that the fact that Fisher “sells curses” might be construed as a threat. The restaurant owner insinuated, to the landlord, that Fisher has sent threats online as well. The landlord’s response has been to request proof from Fisher that she didn’t send a threat.

Fisher says that in the time she has been in this location, she has worked with other area businesses. They often send business to each other. Her business offers a variety of supplies, and welcomes patrons of all faiths. 

We’ll be following this story closely.

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5 Replies to “Pagan Business Threatened by New Neighbor”

  1. Sounds like child a fillet to me. Pagans it is time to help her out! Gather as many a day everyday and go sit in this restaurant and only order bottomless drinks. Especially during business times and flood it with pagans talking about spell’s and the power of godds and goddesses and crystals. Mean while, find out what the zoning laws are for picketing and do it. It is time for the pagan community to stand up against trouble makers. If the owner start qouting Bible scriptures qout back judge no lest ye be judged, and in the ten commandments it says love they neighbor. It is not his job to judge. Owner of the store,go down to small claims court with a list and pictures and prices of broken items. Beat him at his own game.

  2. I hope Mz. Fisher has enough evidence to open up a harassment suit. The intention of the burger joint are crystal clear. It is both infuriating and nauseating that in the year 2020 we are still battling this.

  3. This is terrible, though it doesn’t surprise me. People often call themselves “Christian” and act anything but that. This restaurant owner sounds like an ass and it’s a shame that the landlord doesn’t seem to be backing her up either.

  4. Reprehensible behavior. This sickens me, had it been reversed all “hell” would have been raised.

  5. This sort of bigotry should not be tolerated. I thought we had moved on to an age where we were a bit more acceptant. Now that some pagan religions are 501c organized, I hope they start to sue the pants off of other people who try to ruin their business.

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