An Editorial on the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

The man in the oval violated his limits under the constitution. The party with the House gave absolutely no quarter to work with this man to prevent this tragedy from happening. Instead, they loudly boasted About impeachment from the first day because they were angry regarding the election results.

I don’t even like that human. However, the logical response to such contempt is hatred. What did they expect to happen?

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

This is the fruition of the rage of the People by what had gone on in the People’s house. Instead of EITHER house educating/training this person, as per the trust this nation invested in them, they played party politics to the extreme conclusion. Thus, a wildly ignorant person simultaneously being manipulated by one side, treated with hostility by the other, and flailing about like a drowning person, destroying everything as they thrash about. Both parties and their adherents are covered in filth here.

I’m an Independent. I’m a conditional constitutionalist. This means that many of those planks in that platform are supported by me. This entire 19 year saga has been absurd, but the lack of responsibility of the Congress is horrid. From Speakers of the House for the last 16 years, on down, the arrogant partisanship has done a forbidden dance with bad ethics and unfairness.

If this were about the Constitution being violated, the moment President Trump had that bombing run, years ago, then we would have had the impeachment based on that first. Why?

“Constitutionalist Platform

…The President or other public official may not direct any offensive action by the military or militia without congressional authorization in the form of a declaration or war or letters of marque or reprisal, and any such unauthorized direction shall constitute a criminal violation under the law of nations clause (Art. I Sec. 8 Cl. 10) and an impeachable offense.”

Yet, when the House turned, this was not pursued.

Instead, we get this years long squandering of time and money, waiting for the smoking gun.

There is a point where you have to accept that your opinions well always be argued down by those with ivy under their nails, old money in their banks, or condescension in their lockets and pockets.

This national disgrace is the worst. From the beginning, all of this could have been shot down. They rode over this nation like tanks, and THIS is what out looks like when bigotry meets the arrogance of the embittered.

Worse, this may continue after the trial in the Senate. There is the possibilty of multiple impeachments. It could be a continuous cycle of warring parties.

You are looking down the barrel of 4 years of Pence. The conduct of the Democratic party with it’s proven track record of disregarding its own constituency will bite, due to the disillusioned swinging. The Republicans will continue to suppress the voters. The likely outcome will mimic when this POTUS was elected.

So. Now that we’ve got this impeachment, is there any chance that these representatives could work with their respective state legislatures to restore some semblance of voting rights access on the state levels?

Before you come to my wall with links to explain obstructionism by the Republican Senate, let me stop you. I’m not ignorant of what they did to President Obama. Your burning need to show your condescending eminence on my wall is not welcome. I do not need you to “educate” me. Your privilege is showing, isn’t that the catchphrase of the times?

It is astonishing to know how many years of political coverage people think I didn’t write. Oh yeah, that’s right. The hosting sites are gone. So I guess it never happened. At least some is left on YouTube.

While this has gone down, Federal judges with LIFETIME TERMS, have filed the courts. You think this is over with an impeachment? No.

This is a generational battle line. The trap is that too strong states rights will flout protections by federal level. The current disaster of partisanship based political brokering has stalled good stewardship for over 20 years, increasing with each progression.

The fact that there are people who think impeachment meant the immediate removal of that oval dweller is dark testimony to how far from active, informed, citizenship we have fallen. The populace has become numb to the feeling that their view and participation don’t matter.

THAT feeling of disenfranchisement has lead to that man with oval residence being elected. The voters who put him there felt this was the only way to see someone get into office who MIGHT actually hear their fears, hopes, and dreams as the common person…the one this nation is supposed to listen to with gravity. This was never a nation meant to only be run by the intelligentsia, the elitists, the career politician, or the religious zealot.

They hitched their fortunes to the wagon of a reality television star. It was empty, so it made a lot of noise. But they rode it, covered in the dust off the fields and factories, because it’s sides were painted with pretty images of glory and humor. They didn’t anticipate riding it to a societal charnal house.

The exact same arrogance that drives some of you to get ready to argue against the electoral college on this piece is what lead to this. The system is not at fault, it’s the implementation of voting rights access that is at fault for your fever dreams of trying to invalidate the election. I challenge anyone to make a valid point in regard to, say California having the right to overrule water rights in the Great Lakes, by example, due to popular votes. We have a representative government for a reason. So stow it.

Yes, the above example was artificially simplistic. I’m admitting this. But the point was clear. Keep your allusions to Sophistry to yourself.

There is a celebratory jubilation in about half of the nation right now. Just like when the current oval office resident was elected. That’s as it should be. The People got a win.

But do not forget for a single nanosecond that the dysfunction in the congress still exists. Many of the same corrupt practices by lobbyists and intraparty gatekeepers on all sides are still in full effect. Also, there continues be widening of the crevasses of intolerance between the citizenry I’ve crumbs of resources and liberties.

Half of this country was celebrating impeachment, the other was celebrating a rally by the impeached. Sleeping cabals of armed persons are steadily preparing for what must never happen, a war of arms amongst the People. This divisiveness must be addressed beyond “unfriend and block”.

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