Advice to those new on the paths

I never met a magical practitioner worth a damn who spent 90% of their time talking about how great they were; why they were favored by the gods or ancestors; or how their initiations/traditions were the only pure or true way. What I have met, predominantly, are charlatans, sociopathic seeming, and narcissistic seeming, and delusional broken people. Usually, they are selling books, shop wares, or cult memberships.

The people who are channels for the responsibilities and duties that come with being blessed to move real magical/spiritual energy and force usually do NOT make a habit of talking about their work all the time. They are “chop wood, carry water” people. Most of their actual works would never be seen or known.

See, it is like walking. If you can walk, you walk. You do not spend most of your energy telling everyone how you can walk so well. You might teach someone who is a child to walk, or one who is physical recovery, or other special exceptions. But in general, if you put images out advertising your legs walking, and boasting about it, others might respond with various moods unkind or unsupportive.

Persons dedicated to teaching others to walk generally teach them instead of spending an entire occupational therapy session speaking about theory and selling their ointments, oils, and books. Nor would they advise the client to watch endless hours of slideshows without putting their muscles in motion. It is absurd to think of such a scenario.

Continuing the stream of thought here, this would exclude the surgeon. In that case, they would perform necessary works to rectify the circumstances that are the cause of not walking. But their intervention would never be the substitute for the patient to walk.

In our comparisons, let us go further. If you go to study with the profession dedicated to teaching walking, you would be outraged if you attended workshops, seminars, and classes where you never learned the mechanics, systems of the body, that were involved in walking. You would be right to want instruction regarding physiology, anatomy, and hands on models/experiences.

In magical/spiritual vocations, the prevailing current for events seems to have become more theory and behavioral manipulation than craft. Whereas studying the written, and oral, histories and mysteries was once a matter of course, (and inquiry into expansive bodies of same) we now have a department store style variety of ready mix magic. It is very much “and candle and stir”. Of course, more than half the time, so called teachers use their insta-witch lite truncated lessons to advance personal aggrandizement, bigotry, immature avarice, and craving for control of others.

I write all this to caution fellow travelers on sojourns in the Mysteries of Spirit. Make very sure you know your self. This means, know your own moral matrix, the scaffolding upon which your honor, mores, boundaries, and sense of self and history are fixed. Be prepared to question anyone with a shiny set of teachings, wares, and books, but lacking dust from the path on their hands, feet, and yes…their butts. They fell down, too, on their journeys.

Expect and demand to know their background in what they are selling and teaching. Know you have a right to ask where they learned and when. Require full disclosure of their belief alignment and have your own set of questions before you share your journey with them. Whether as a student, peer, or client, it applies.

P.S. Two more things. No one can give you the world. You learn to hold your own weight in it. Never forget one more truth, you learn to walk before you run.

Just a little advice from Kenya T. Coviak.

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