Summer Time: A Time of Light, Dark and Shadow

I didn’t realize that when I started writing that I was going to be doing a series on healing our relationship to darkness and shadow. It had started before I started to write for the public and then I started sharing my thoughts on social media. I wasn’t completely understanding exactly what was driving me towards this path. Yet the more I trust this, I’m understanding that it’s about healing our relationship with our minds and also one another. I also know that for any energy worker, magical practioner we need to be very comfortable with working with life energies and darkness and shadow are just as much a part of life as light is.

We are only at partial power and energy if all we care to be working with is just the light and not the whole reality that also holds darkness and shadow!

So you may wonder why a series of articles on darkness and shadow and what do I mean by Summer being a time of light, shadow and darkness. Well I find the Summer Solstice to be a great teacher in the need for shadow and darkness. Just imagine how hot things can get if we didn’t have trees, buildings and such cast shadows. Those bits of darkness during the day help keep temperatures from getting to hot. And nighttime needs to happen for sure so that things get a chance to cool down some. The desert areas of this world can be a good example of this. Of course in some desert areas when night comes the temps plummet even more than in green areas.

I find it intriguing that we’ve been so afraid of darkness and shadow when I see that nature, creation has no trouble at all with either of them, and neither does the daylight!

Darkness by way of shadow lives side by side daylight. Yet we condemn or blame both for being the cause of evil or the culprit of our wrong doings. Yet we never want to face the reality that shadows nor darkness has ever really did us any harm. We also don’t want to understand the great evils that have been done and are done very much in the light of day!

So somehow by way of closing my eyes regularly during meditation and prayer, that we actually are afraid of our minds and we are constantly saying our minds are a place of great evil! Yet we forget our minds are also very capable of great good! 

From our minds comes love and hate, joy and sadness, giving and taking, fear and courage and so on and so forth! We act and make decisions on how to act, what to believe and such from decisions being made within the mind. From all of this it’s also how we treat each other. Especially those that differ from us.

When we can’t be at peace within and understanding that we need to spend time in quiet meditation and such it’s then our minds that will highjack us and run amok.

Summer is a great teacher when it comes to learning it’s okay to spend time in the shadows cooling off and enjoying the cooling of the nighttime!

Hence being a great guide in helping us heal our relationship to the shadows and darkness of our minds, by way of actually meditating with eyes closed or even just closing our eyes and taking a few deep breaths can be a great way to take a break in the shadows and darkness of the mind!


So dear ones embrace your shadows and darkness, find what they have to teach you and know your life will truly start going in the direction you want and your energy work and magic will be more potent!


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  1. Thank you! I always enjoy searching the web for pictures and such to put in my articles ? I learned some of that in school and more recently from one of our head editors ? I’m glad you enjoyed the images!