Business Spotlight: Madame Phoenix Esoterica

Madame Phoenix Esoterica Hi! I’m Madame Phoenix. Proudly pagan for over 25 years, a witch and priestess. First and foremost, I believe that everyone should have the highest quality metaphysical supplies possible and I work to fulfill that belief and to help people with their Work! How would you describe … Continue reading

Business Spotlight-Mystic Echoes

Mystic Echoes How would you describe your business? Mystic Echoes is a metaphysical and spiritual supply shop that has a little bit of everything, or at least we are trying to. Our goal is to have something that can appeal to anyone regardless of religion, philosophy, and or spiritual path. … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Elen Sentier

Elen Sentier How would you describe your business? I’m a Pagan author, artist and teacher. I write books about British native shamanism and contemporary fantasy novels which these traditions inspire. The novels come partly out of our old tales as well as the many old places here in Britain and … Continue reading

Moonlit Way – Featured Business

Originally posted on Lady Charissa’s Bits & Pieces. This business is featured on Stacy and Susan’s Online Pagan Vendor Fair.  The write up is courtesy of Stacy and Susan.  Moonlit Way offers a variety of handmade Pagan, magickal, nature and metaphysical inspired goods. These items include Pendulums and other Divination … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Sleipnir Pagan & Alternative Spiritual Supply Shop

Originally published on Sleipnir Pagan & Alternative Spiritual Supply Shop What inspired you to start your own business? This is actually the second incarnation of my business. In 1993 my mother and I opened the first version, Handled With Care, together. The store then was a mix of collectibles, … Continue reading

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