Business Spotlight- Southcart Books

Southcart Books How would you describe your business? We are a independent bookshop in Walsall town centre. We have a dedicated pagan/occult section , local author section to promote and support local authors and we also specialize in sci-fi , fantasy , steampunk and have an antique library which we … Continue reading

Business Spotlight Cinnabarys

Cinnabarys, Rebecca Marler owner How would you describe your business? Our theme is Magick for Heart and Home, and we look for home décor and accessories that speaks to those who love nature and have a Pagan esthetic. I specialize in vintage and retro items that have animals, mythological associations, … Continue reading

Charissa’s Cauldron – Business Spotlight

Charissa’s Cauldron How would you describe your business? Charissa’s Cauldron has several focuses.  The product line I opened the store with is flower remedies or flower essences.  I make these essences from plants grown here on my property so I know they are completely organic.  Many of the plants are … Continue reading

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