Business Spotlight: The Simple Gypsy Shop

The Simple Gypsy Shop Business Spotlight How would you describe your business? Romani Gypsy Spells and Treasures Store How long have you you been working in this field, and what sort of any of training have you had? There is no training in my field, as each of us are … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Madame Phoenix Esoterica

Madame Phoenix Esoterica Hi! I’m Madame Phoenix. Proudly pagan for over 25 years, a witch and priestess. First and foremost, I believe that everyone should have the highest quality metaphysical supplies possible and I work to fulfill that belief and to help people with their Work! How would you describe … Continue reading

Business Spotlight-Mystic Echoes

Mystic Echoes How would you describe your business? Mystic Echoes is a metaphysical and spiritual supply shop that has a little bit of everything, or at least we are trying to. Our goal is to have something that can appeal to anyone regardless of religion, philosophy, and or spiritual path. … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Onyx Moon Emporium

Onyx Moon Emporium How would you describe your business?  Onyx Moon Emporium Metaphysical store and more. We offer an eclectic mix of metaphysical and spiritual related items, handcrafted and created in small batches by authentic and experienced practitioners. Everything for Your Magical Life! Wytchy items, Conjure goods, Setting of Lights … Continue reading

Business Spotlight- Doctor Hawks Cures and Conjure

Dr. Hawks Cures and Conjure How would you describe your business? An old school apothecary with a hoodoo background tempered by a healthy dose of modern knowledge and science. Most of my ingredients are personally wild gathered and processed in the traditional way. All of my medicines and curios are … Continue reading

Business Spotlight- Familiar Spirits

Familiar Spirits How would you describe your business? We are a brick and mortar spiritual arts and supply store in Coventry Rhode Island with a heavy leaning towards the New Orleans Voodoo, Santeria, Candomble, Conjure and Hoodoo Traditions, while we do carry some generalized Pagan necessities as well. We specialize … Continue reading

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