Business Spotlight: Alchemy Astrology

Alchemy Astrology How would you describe your business? I teach Alchemy Astrology.  It’s an easy basic form of astrology based on the oldest available alchemical writings and the newest research. It will show you how astrology works at its most basic level. What you’ll discover about yourself (and others) is … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Midnight Thunder Jewelry & More

Midnight Thunder Jewelry & More How would you describe your business? My business is a one-woman show/circus that likes to travel around the state of Virginia and spread happiness and sparkly jewelry along the way. What inspired you to start this business? I have always loved Native American jewelry/beadwork/color palettes … Continue reading

Business Spotlight- Southcart Books

Southcart Books How would you describe your business? We are a independent bookshop in Walsall town centre. We have a dedicated pagan/occult section , local author section to promote and support local authors and we also specialize in sci-fi , fantasy , steampunk and have an antique library which we … Continue reading

Business Spotlight- The Green wolf

The Greenwolf How would you describe your business? The Green Wolf is the aegis for all of my creative efforts. I am a pagan author with several books published via Llewellyn Worldwide and Immanion/Megalithica. I am also an artist working with hides, bones and other natural materials; I create a … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Awakening Soul Jewelry

Awakening Soul Jewelry How would you describe your business? I make gemstone jewelry for specific spiritual purposes.  Each piece is designed and created by me and each piece is then meditated with to ascertain what spiritual purpose it has and a write up is done that goes over what the … Continue reading

Business Spotlight- Alexandra Chauran: Discovery – Confirmation – Empowerment

Alexandra Chauran How would you describe your business? I would describe my business as primarily a fortune telling business. I provide advice, by telephone, at events, and for in-person consultation. I’m even certified as a counselor in Washington State. I’m also a writer on the topics of witchcraft and psychic … Continue reading

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