Business Spotlight: The Simple Gypsy Shop

The Simple Gypsy Shop Business Spotlight How would you describe your business? Romani Gypsy Spells and Treasures Store How long have you you been working in this field, and what sort of any of training have you had? There is no training in my field, as each of us are … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Madame Phoenix Esoterica

Madame Phoenix Esoterica Hi! I’m Madame Phoenix. Proudly pagan for over 25 years, a witch and priestess. First and foremost, I believe that everyone should have the highest quality metaphysical supplies possible and I work to fulfill that belief and to help people with their Work! How would you describe … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: AZ Stained Glass LLC

AZ Stained Glass How would you describe your business? I create handmade jewelry and stained glass panels for pagan and non-pagan customers. My inspiration comes from nature and my spirituality. I’m influenced by Wiccan elements, Sabbat symbols and elements from nature. I have a series of pentacle panels and fairies I … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Sleeping Gryphon

Sleeping Gryphon How would you describe your business? We carry gifts and treats for most spiritual and religious paths. We specialize in wood items such as keepsake boxes and plaques/tiles. We carry jewelry and other miscellaneous items and are adding other items regularly.     What inspired you to start … Continue reading

Business Spotlight- Southcart Books

Southcart Books How would you describe your business? We are a independent bookshop in Walsall town centre. We have a dedicated pagan/occult section , local author section to promote and support local authors and we also specialize in sci-fi , fantasy , steampunk and have an antique library which we … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Scarlet Moon Creations

Scarlet Moon Creations How would you describe your business? Scarlet Moon Creations are a line of personally made products made by, yours truly, Lashette. Currently, I have several lines of different types of bath and body products including bath salts or soaks, body scrubs,facial scrubs, and massage oils. I also … Continue reading

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