Business Spotlight: Madame Phoenix Esoterica

Madame Phoenix Esoterica Hi! I’m Madame Phoenix. Proudly pagan for over 25 years, a witch and priestess. First and foremost, I believe that everyone should have the highest quality metaphysical supplies possible and I work to fulfill that belief and to help people with their Work! How would you describe … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: The Raven’s Rune

The Raven’s Rune How would you describe your business? Based in Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada, we make and carry handmade candles,  incense, and custom leather products. What inspired you to start this business? There was a real lack in Mount Forest.  We’re in rural mid-western Ontario. Most pagans around here had … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Sosanna’s Closet

How would you describe your business? A labor of love.  All things that make a Pagan life.  From jewelry and apparel to pottery and ritual supplies we have it all.  98% of our products are made in my home.  One at a time. I manage the customer service and web … Continue reading

Business Spotlight- The Sacred Oak

The Sacred Oak How would you describe your business? How long have you you been  working in this field, and what sort of any of training have you had? What inspired you to start this business? (this answers the first 3 questions.) Hmmm….. I would describe it as a little … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Business Spotlight ~ The Witches Hearth

The Witches Hearth How would you describe your business? We like to think of our shop as a Candle and Gift Shop. When we attend shows and fairs we try and set up our booths as small boutiques to get that gift shop feel. It’s both pleasing to the eye … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Smokey Crystal

Smokey Crystal How would you describe your business? It is a metaphysical store specializing in incense, stones/crystals, jewelry, and accessories for your home and self.  Two very important aspects focused on here is psychic readings and cleansing (mind, body, spirit, home, etc.)  We are often visited by the paranormal community … Continue reading

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