Despacho Ceremony

The Despacho Ceremony is a sacred prayer ceremony for harmony, health and hope; normally done on Earth Day or during the New Moon. We make cloth bundles of flowers, seeds, and small personal offerings such as a lock of your Continue reading Despacho Ceremony

The Care and Feeding of your Gris Gris

So you bought a Gris Gris or a Mojo bag… now what? Say Hello to your little friend!! Well first you need to understand that a Gris Gris is not just a charm bag…. When made properly it is transformed by the Continue reading The Care and Feeding of your Gris Gris

The Trauma of the “G” word:

Many people coming from a monotheistic religion may feel badly of the “G” word. God. While this is not all people and of course not against any other religion I have met countless people in my lifetime who have unsavory Continue reading The Trauma of the “G” word:

Starting the path…

silhouette of woman over sunet sky background with hair flying

Research is key to being successful in anything. Natural born skill can be a plus but it means nothing without the knowledge to back it up. Knowing your lunar cycles, simple mechanisms of magick, and correspondences can greatly help you. Continue reading Starting the path…

Ask Alice (Vol. 2)

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