Business Spotlight: The Raven’s Rune

The Raven’s Rune How would you describe your business? Based in Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada, we make and carry handmade candles,  incense, and custom leather products. What inspired you to start this business? There was a real lack in Mount Forest.  We’re in rural mid-western Ontario. Most pagans around here had … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Sage’s Aromatherapy and Oils

Sage’s Aromatherapy and Oils How would you describe your business? Sage’s Aromatherapy and Oils sells custom blended essential oil products designed for maximum natural healing. Physical, mental, emotional issues CAN find relief naturally. Wonderful bath and body products are available, from luxurious sugar scrubs to moisturizing Shea Butter body cremes. What inspired you … Continue reading

Janet Callahan – Business Spotlight

Janet Callahan How would you describe your business? I am a writer, teacher, and an artist/craftswoman (among many other things). The focus of most of my work these days is on offering things that Pagan families will find helpful on their path. Writing wise, I’m currently working on finishing up … Continue reading

The Gilded Spork – Business Spotlight

The Gilded Spork How would you describe your business? I currently offer crystal/semi-precious stone jewelry like wire wrapped crystals, tree of life pendants, zodiac jewelry, and custom pieces.  But I’ve been expanding into upcycled crystal infused candles, upcycled spiritual gear, and upcycled art/travel journals.  The Gilded Spork is an extension … Continue reading

Charissa’s Cauldron – Business Spotlight

Charissa’s Cauldron How would you describe your business? Charissa’s Cauldron has several focuses.  The product line I opened the store with is flower remedies or flower essences.  I make these essences from plants grown here on my property so I know they are completely organic.  Many of the plants are … Continue reading

Wicked Wicc ‘N Candles – Business Spotlight

Wicked Wicc ‘N Candles How would you describe your business? We are candles makers by trade, and we also offer other selected crafts as the Muse comes to us.  What inspired you to start this business? We were at a local Pagan event that did not have a candle vendor, … Continue reading

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