Business Spotlight – Phoenix Rising Apothecary

All 5 elements are layered in this star shaped layered candle! the top layer (Spirit) also has a custom essential oil blend ! Each layer is colored to match the element it represents! perfect for Travel Altars or for small altars!

Phoenix Rising Apothecary How would you describe your business? In the olden days an apothecary was a one stop shop like a general store that also sold medicinal herbs, blends, and the like. We strive to be the same as these old bygone Apothecaries providing a selection of incense, teas, … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – The Crooked Broom

Originally posted on Lady Charissa’s Bits & Pieces. How would you describe your business? TCB offers ritual, spell and every day items for the modern Pagan. We also do custom orders for jewelry, including chain maille, for the individual. No two creations are alike. We carry candles, herbs, oils, altar … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Lotions Potions & Notions

Originally Posted on Lady Charissa’s Bit’s & Pieces. Lotions Potions & Notions How would you describe your business? Eclectic….Creative….. All products made without preservatives, pesticides or insecticides, in a pet and smoke free environment. I create products designed to work with the body on physical, mental and spiritual levels. Products … Continue reading

Moonlit Way – Featured Business

Originally posted on Lady Charissa’s Bits & Pieces. This business is featured on Stacy and Susan’s Online Pagan Vendor Fair.  The write up is courtesy of Stacy and Susan.  Moonlit Way offers a variety of handmade Pagan, magickal, nature and metaphysical inspired goods. These items include Pendulums and other Divination … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Onyx Moon Emporium

Onyx Moon Emporium How would you describe your business?  Onyx Moon Emporium Metaphysical store and more. We offer an eclectic mix of metaphysical and spiritual related items, handcrafted and created in small batches by authentic and experienced practitioners. Everything for Your Magical Life! Wytchy items, Conjure goods, Setting of Lights … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Sleipnir Pagan & Alternative Spiritual Supply Shop

Originally published on Sleipnir Pagan & Alternative Spiritual Supply Shop What inspired you to start your own business? This is actually the second incarnation of my business. In 1993 my mother and I opened the first version, Handled With Care, together. The store then was a mix of collectibles, … Continue reading

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