Business Spotlight-AlcheMystic Arts

AlcheMystic Arts How would you describe your business? AlcheMystic Arts was created to teach self care for the body, mind, and soul. Expanding upon self care tools and information is our main focus. How long have you been working in this field, and what sort of any of training have … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – The Crooked Broom

Originally posted on Lady Charissa’s Bits & Pieces. How would you describe your business? TCB offers ritual, spell and every day items for the modern Pagan. We also do custom orders for jewelry, including chain maille, for the individual. No two creations are alike. We carry candles, herbs, oils, altar … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Quadrivium Supplies

Quadrivium Supplies How would you describe your business? Quadrivium Supplies, Inc. is a producer and distributor of supplies for ritual magicians. Our main product is Quadrivium Oils™, which are hand-made ritual oils, created according to the lunar calendar and planetary hours. Certain oils are electional, created at times determined by … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Sandi’s Enchanted Garden

Sandi’s Enchanted Garden How would you describe your business? Sandi’s Enchanted Garden is a metaphysical store that caters to people of all levels, religions, belief systems, etc. At the Enchanted Garden we create crafts for YOUR craft rather than a once size fits all shop. From candles, to kits, to … Continue reading

Wicked Wicc ‘N Candles – Business Spotlight

Wicked Wicc ‘N Candles How would you describe your business? We are candles makers by trade, and we also offer other selected crafts as the Muse comes to us.  What inspired you to start this business? We were at a local Pagan event that did not have a candle vendor, … Continue reading

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