Business Spotlight: Onyx Moon Emporium

Onyx Moon Emporium How would you describe your business?  Onyx Moon Emporium Metaphysical store and more. We offer an eclectic mix of metaphysical and spiritual related items, handcrafted and created in small batches by authentic and experienced practitioners. Everything for Your Magical Life! Wytchy items, Conjure goods, Setting of Lights … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura Knight How would you describe your business? My business encompasses a number of my creative endeavors. I’m a fiction author and I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and soon I’ll have some epic fantasy and sci-fi coming out. I’m also an artist and graphic designer. I create textural, … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Avalon New Age Shop

Avalon New Age Shop How would you describe your business? We are a full service pagan shop including: Herbs, Crystals & Stones, Hand-dipped Incense, Oils, Tarot Cards, Books, Decor, Runes, Custom-made Wands and Staves, Custom & Vintage jewelry, Ritual items, Custom Robes and Ritual Wear, Altar items, Candles & Candle Sticks, Spell Kits and Components, Parchment, Ink, Quills, Journals, Dream Catchers & Crystal Mobiles, Custom blades, athames, axes, … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Luna’s Magicks and Market

Luna’s Magicks and Market “Just putting the Magick back on the Market!” How would you describe your business? Customized items are in high demand these days, so here, you can get just that! I create specialized and handmade/designed Paintings, Wands, Drawings, Jewelry, and even Tarot/Oracle Readings. Soon, I am hoping … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Sandi’s Enchanted Garden

Sandi’s Enchanted Garden How would you describe your business? Sandi’s Enchanted Garden is a metaphysical store that caters to people of all levels, religions, belief systems, etc. At the Enchanted Garden we create crafts for YOUR craft rather than a once size fits all shop. From candles, to kits, to … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Poking Dead Things

Poking Dead Things How would you describe your business? Wearable art and home decor made with ethically sourced, cruelty free materials. It’s a constant search for dead, decaying and rotting things in the woods and on the side of the road.  The found gooey bits get gathered up and taken … Continue reading

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