Business Spotlight: AZ Stained Glass LLC

AZ Stained Glass How would you describe your business? I create handmade jewelry and stained glass panels for pagan and non-pagan customers. My inspiration comes from nature and my spirituality. I’m influenced by Wiccan elements, Sabbat symbols and elements from nature. I have a series of pentacle panels and fairies I … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Poking Dead Things

Poking Dead Things How would you describe your business? Wearable art and home decor made with ethically sourced, cruelty free materials. It’s a constant search for dead, decaying and rotting things in the woods and on the side of the road.  The found gooey bits get gathered up and taken … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Midnight Thunder Jewelry and More

Midnight Thunder Jewelry and More How would you describe your business? My business is a one-woman show/circus that likes to travel around the state of Virginia and spread happiness and sparkly jewelry along the way  What inspired you to start this business? I have always loved Native American jewelry/beadwork/color palettes … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – The Green Wolf

The Green Wolf How would you describe your business? The Green Wolf is the aegis for all of my creative efforts. I am a pagan author with several books published via Llewellyn Worldwide and Immanion/Megalithica. I am also an artist working with hides, bones and other natural materials; I create … Continue reading

The Gilded Spork – Business Spotlight

The Gilded Spork How would you describe your business? I currently offer crystal/semi-precious stone jewelry like wire wrapped crystals, tree of life pendants, zodiac jewelry, and custom pieces.  But I’ve been expanding into upcycled crystal infused candles, upcycled spiritual gear, and upcycled art/travel journals.  The Gilded Spork is an extension … Continue reading

Spiritual Pathways – Featured Business

Originally posted on Lady Charissa’s Bits & Pieces. This business is featured on Stacy and Susan’s Online Pagan Vendor Fair. The write up is courtesy of Stacy and Susan. Spiritual Pathways offers a wide variety of styles and colors to enhance and awaken your connection to Spirit within yourself & … Continue reading

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