Swag Bag FAQs

Pagan Business Network Swag Bag

Photo of Swag Bag provided by Dru Ann Welch

What are Swag Bags?

Swag Bags are bags that contain promotional items from businesses.


Where do we send Swag Bags?

They are distributed at events by PBN representatives.


What is in a Swag Bag?

Swag bags have all kinds of goodies from business cards and coupons to samples and promotional items from participating businesses in the network.


Photo provided by Shay Ingram of Winterwolf Charms

Photo provided by Shay Ingram of Winterwolf Charms


How many items should I send?

The more items you send, the more bags your business is in.  The more bags they are in, the more potential customers you reach.  Last year (2015) we sent out bags to 24 events across the United States and Canada.  The first event was in April.  We hope reach many more events this year.  The number of bags we can send out is directly related to the amount of swag we get in to put in the bags.

What kind of items can I send?

We have some people sending in business cards and pamphlets.  Some attach samples of herbs, incense, essential oils, tumbled stones, scented wax, lotion, body scrub, spell powders, jewelry, charms, runes, and more.  Some attach cute little toys from bulk party supplies.  We’ve had vendors make up mini wands.  You are only limited by your creativity and time.  For more ideas read our More About Swag Bags page.  It features some articles written by some of our participating businesses.

What if it is too expensive to send samples of what I sell?

You don’t need to send in something specifically related to what you sell.  The idea is to put something in the bag that will grab the customer’s attention and make them want to check out your shop.

Do I need to send the same items each time?

No.  You don’t even have to send the same items in one batch.  We have one business that sells herbs and incense as a part of her inventory.  When she is packaging up her herbs for sale she uses the left overs to put in small bags and attach to her business card.  When she has a box full of those assorted samples she sends them in.  We have one business that has sent us bookmarks one time and little charms attached to their business card another.

Where do I send my swag?

You can send it to either our Canadian swag distributor or our US one.  Both addresses can be found on our HERE.

What countries do you send swag bags to?

Currently we are shipping bags out across the United States and Canada.  We hope to expand that as time goes on.




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