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Pagan Business Network Swag Bags

Photo provided by Rev. Terrie Brookins of Beaux Magique


Business owners:  Here is how this will work.  You choose what to send and how many.

What swag to send?  That is up to you!  Some suggestions:  bookmarks, small charms, small packs of incense or herbs, single stones, business cards, coupons, flyers, small oil samples, tiny soap samples, magnets, etc.  Let your imagination lead you.  Keep it inexpensive.  Make sure you have included a way for the customer to find your store. (After all, isn’t that the point?)

We are recruiting representatives to hand these out at informational tables at events, so this will be an ongoing project.  Send as much or as little as you want.  Just remember you are putting your business in the hands of actual Pagans that attend actual events and shop from actual vendors just like you.

For more about swag bags see our Swag Bag FAQs and our More About Swag Bags pages.

Lady Charissa

Lady Charissa – Founder of Pagan Business Network


Send your swag to:

Charissa Iskiwitch,

P.O. Box 740,

Rockmart, GA  30153







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