Stacy and Susan’s Online Pagan Vendor Fair

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I found this in one of the embarrassingly large number of Facebook groups I am a member of.  Here is a pair of ladies that is working to help Pagan artisans.

Here is how they work.  They have a Facebook page.  They allow 10 artisans each week to post up to 5 posts a day promoting their business.  They promote these businesses and the vendors promote as well.  It makes for a beautiful team effort.

I can tell you from experience in organizing people and events that this takes a lot of time and effort.  The charge for that is $5.00.  That is a real deal.

Stacy & Susan's Pagan Vendor FairSo what do you think I did when I found this creative endeavor?  I messaged the page asking them to consider joining the Pagan Business Network.  I thought these two ventures would compliment each other well.

I signed my business up for next week’s fair.  I will be adding posts here to highlight the fair and some of the vendors in it as well as highlighting some of the businesses from the Pagan Business Network.

If you are a Pagan business owner, consider joining us in the Pagan Business Network Facebook Group.  We are constantly working on new ways to help your business.

About the author: Lady Charissa has been Pagan for 30 years and a Pagan business owner for over 10 years and active in the Pagan community. She runs Charissa’s Cauldron and Kit’s Flea. You can find more about her at Lady Charissa.

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