Setting Up a WordPress Site – Part 2

We are back for Part 2 in our series on building a WordPress website hosted in GoDaddy.


When we left off we had hosted the domain and installed WordPress on the website. Now we are going to set up WordPress. Go to your website.   Type in the domain name in the address bar of your browser. It should look something like this at this point.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 1


Scroll down to the option that says META on the left. Below that you will see LOG IN. Click that.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 2


Enter the username and password that you created when you installed WordPress. I usually check the little box that says Remember Me to keep from having to enter my password every time. If you are not using a private computer, do not do this.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 3

You are now looking at your Dashboard. Let’s first look at the items marked as actionable. Let’s start with the option here marked UPDATES. You see there is a little red circle with a one with it. That means there is one update available. So we are going to click on UPDATES.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 4

In my case the update needed is for Akismet. Of course, the choice is yours on whether or not to keep Akismet.   I keep Akismet on all of my sites. It is a great spam catcher. I had one website I didn’t set Akismet up on and woke up one morning to over 600 comments I had to sift through to find the 5 that were legitimate.

So, if you want to keep Akismet and if yours says it needs updating, check the box to select it. Then click on UPDATE PLUGINS.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 6

Next on my screen there is a red number next to comments. So I’m going to go deal with those now.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 7

Once we get to the comment screen you’ll see that I have 7 comments already. Those would be spam.   After you have scrolled through to make sure there are no legitimate comments you want to keep you can check all the ones you want to trash and choose the bulk actions drop down menu. Click either Move to Trash or Mark as Spam depending on which one is appropriate. Then hit APPLY.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 8

Setting Up WP Site Pic 9

Setting Up WP Site Pic 10

So next we’ll start working on how the website looks. So click on Appearance. The bones of the way the website looks is called a Theme. So when you click on Appearance choose Themes from the menu that pops out.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 11

There are already three installed themes here. We will choose one of those first to show how to use the features. Then we will walk through finding another theme and installing it.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 12

I’m going to choose the one marked Twenty Thirteen. You will see that moves that theme to the left and puts an option on it for Customize.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 13

Setting Up WP Site Pic 14

Click on Customize. It will bring up what your website looks like right now with some options on the left.

Setting Up WP Site Pic 15

I am going to start by fixing the Title and Tagline.   The title currently reads Silver Pines and I want to change that to Silver Pines Herbs. The tagline says “Just another WordPress site”.   For now I will just delete that all together.  Then hit “Save and Publish”

Setting Up WP Site Pic 16

Setting Up WP Site Pic 17

You can make all the changes in this menu at once before saving and publishing. I prefer to save often in case I have a technical issue with the computer. I don’t want to have to redo a lot.

From this menu you can change the colors and the Header Image. You can add Widgets and choose whether you want a static home page or a blog as your home page. We will cover more instructions in Part 3.











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