Places to List Your Business

Right Here on the PBN!  Click the link to find out how!


Many of these links are Facebook Groups.  When you join a group, please be sure to read up on their guidelines.  Not all advertising groups are the same.


Bell, Book & Candle – Facebook Group


Favorite Online Stores for Witchcraft – Facebook Group


Midwest Witches’ Ball – Website and Event


Pagan Artists Market – Reddit


Pagan Etsy Sellers – Facebook Group


Pagan Exchange  – Facebook Group


Pagan Market Place Buy Sell Trade – Facebook Group


Pagan Marketplace by PBN – Facebook Group


Pagan Sales – Facebook Page


Pagan Yellow Pages – Website


Pagan/Wiccan Sale and Trade – Facebook Group


Wiccan/Pagan Yard Sale Online – Facebook Group


The Wytchcraft Shop – Website


Wytchy Giveaways & Deals – Facebook Group



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