Business Listings

To get your business listed on our site, we need a copy of your banner or logo (jpg or png formats, please) along with a brief blurb about your business, the links you want attached to your listing, and the categories your business falls in.  The current categories are listed below, but we are happy to create a new category if yours isn’t already on here.

Email all that to CardeaHinges@PaganBusinessNetwork,com with the subject line:  “Business Listing”

If you are not able to do the artwork for your banner or logo yourself one of our members will be happy to help you with a simple clickable banner that you can not only use here but take out into the internet world and share on other places.

We encourage any member that has a website to give some space to promoting other members of the network as well.  The more places we all have our links, the better traffic we will end up with.


Art and Artists


Bath, Body, & Cosmetics

Clothing and Ritual Garb

Crystal & Gemstones

Digital Media

Energy Healers



Life Coaches, Counseling, Mental Health

Magickal Items

Magickal Supplies

Mediums, Psychics, Readers

Metal Work


Natural Products


Ritual Tools

Rootwork & Conjuring

Secular Businesses


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