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This business is featured on Stacy and Susan’s Online Pagan Vendor Fair.  The write up is courtesy of Stacy and Susan. 

Mystic Echoes is dedicated to providing hand crafted ritual and magical tools for the busy witch, pagan, magician, and those involved in spiritual activities.

Here is their mission:
Our mission is provide handcrafted ritual and magical products that are easy to use and ready to use for the busy witch and pagan. As well as providing ready to use products we hope to provide a place where pagans and witches of all sorts can be able to ask questions and discuss topics related to their practices and beliefs.

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2 thoughts on “Mystic Echoes – Featured Business

  1. This is the full mission statement from our Etsy page under our announcements.

    Welcome to Mystic Echoes.

    Mission Statement:

    Mystic Echoes is a small metaphysical occult shop that specializes in handmade pagan, occult, magical, spiritual, and mystical items and gifts. We focus extensively on the use of all natural herbs and essential oils in our products to gain the best possible effect. All of our herbal based products are made purely with essential oils and naturally dried herbs. There are no synthetic scents involved at all.

    Our main goal is to provide simple effective and ready to use products for any and all magical and spiritual needs. In this day in age not everyone has the time to study herbs and to make oils and incenses. It is for these people that we have crafted these items. We wish to provide quality materials for any magical and spiritual practice so that those with little time can get the most out of their practices and time.

    Magical and spiritual Background:

    Our background is in witchcraft. We have been studing and practicing witchcraft for some extent for 15+ years now. Crafting our own spells and rituals during most of that time. For many years there was a Wiccan base to the practices and theories used in crafting spells and items. Then after doing more research into the origins of witchcraft and Wicca as it is known aspects of Traditional witchcraft was added into theory and approach.

    Currently there is a study in Hoodoo and the Quablah going on as well as a formal study in the Feri tradition. Other influences include the Temple tradition of witchcraft and Shamanic exercises. Most of the work has previously been based on healing and psychic development (which is why there is a large amount of healing and psychic development products involved). The focus now is on more practical day to day magic hence Hoodoo studies.

    Quality statement:

    Quality in our products is our main concern. In order to provide effective magical and spiritual products we needed to ensure that the materials we were using was of an excellent quality. By spending the time to choose quality materials we add more energy and passion into our products for your use.

    Our herbal supplier was chosen for their quality and their excellent reputation. The alcohol in the tinctures is medicinal quality ethyl alcohol. When choosing suppliers for our products research was done to ensure the best quality for our products. The better the quality in the ingredients the better the quality the product will have.

    Our process and philosophy behind the items:

    Each item is crafted with a specific purpose in mind. When crafting the tinctures, incenses and powders extensive research is involved. We look at what has been done before and what the common herbs are and then we make our own inspired blends based on these examples.

    The herbs are chosen for the mixtures based on need and related items as well as scent properties. Each herb is ground and focused on the properties of the herb. The spirit of the plant is asked to bless the process and add their energy to the mix. As each ingredient is added the mixture is shaken and blessed to be charged with power ready to be used.

    The tinctures and oils are shaken twice a day during the month steeping process. This continues to charge them and it ensures that all of the oils of the herbs are mixed and saturated in the medium as much as possible. Once they are done steeping they are strained of herbs and the liquid is charged again and blessed before going into the bottles.

    Each incense, powder, tincture, and oil comes with a list of the herbs in the mixture. This ensures that all allergen information is available. The labels also include information on usages to provide practical ideas on adding simple and effective natural magic to your everyday life.


    All magical and spiritual products are sold as magical and spiritual curios only. We are not responsible for any misuse of herbs or products.

    We encourage you to do research into herbs and their properties before engaging in any use of them. We provide a starting base and nothing more.

    All products are for external use only

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  2. Thank you for sharing more information!

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