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Join the Pagan Business Network!

Businesses all over the world are utilizing our resources to help gain exposure and drive traffic to their business.  

Upgraded Resources Available to PBN Member Businesses

Annual Fee:  $99 for one business

Each additional business $35 

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When you purchase a membership with PBN you enjoy all of the above benefits in addition to the following:

Business Spotlight

An article done in interview style, giving you the chance to describe your business in detail, complete with photos, that rotates on our website as well as through all of our social media channels.

Social Media Sharing

    Member business links are shared around our social media channels by PBN.


Blogging is a great marketing tool.  Get your blog out in front of more people and join our blogroll.

Membership Card

Showing your support and giving you access to some discounts at participating businesses.  We are working hard to negotiate some discounts with popular suppliers.  You might even want to offer a discount of your own to fellow PBN members and get on our list of suppliers.  It could help you get some new regular customers.

Pagan Packs by PBN

Would you like to offer bulk pricing and get your product into retail stores?  As a PBN member you will have the opportunity to buy in to market boxes with other businesses.  You provide a number of one of your full sized products.  They go in packages with a few other businesses products and a nice professional brochure put together by our team making you look good.  These are sent to retailers looking for new product.

PBN Events

Enjoy discounted tickets to any events PBN puts on.  

First Call: Group Advertisements

Get in on the ground floor with the option to purchase a spot in group ads through PBN at a discounted price.

Advertising Page on PBN Website

Get your own billboard on one of the PBN owned websites.  You will receive your own login and QR code to run special campaigns, contests, refer others to the PBN and more!

Basic Social Media Analysis

Our staff will be on hand to answer 10 specific social media questions and give a basic analysis of one platform  to help you spread the word about your business.

Basic Graphic Design / Marketing Analysis

Our staff will help you with 10 specific graphic design and marketing questions and give a basic analysis of one online storefront, web page or design project.


With every paid membership you refer, you earn $5 off following years membership. The savings accumulate! You could earn a free year’s membership!

Reduced Rates on Radio & Web Ads

Enjoy reduced rates for advertisements on our new radio station and other websites!

Add Ons

For an additional fee you can purchase:

Editing Service of Site/Marketing copy;  In depth Social Media Analysis of business and selling outlets; In depth Graphic Design / Marketing analysis of business brand; More services and details forthcoming.

Free to All Participating Businesses

Business Listing on the Website

A business listing, written in your own words, complete with an image and links to your websites, shops, and social media.

Access to Business Discussions in our Facebook Group

Join other business owners as they share tips, tricks, ideas and knowledge on what is and is not working for them.

Advertise for free in our Pagan Marketplace by PBN Facebook Group

Swag Bags

Get your business directly into the hands of potential customers!

Send in samples, business cards, coupons and more.  While cards and coupons are good to get into people’s hands, small samples or giveaways attached to them bring more attention to your business. We will put them together in bags and distribute them to events all over the United States and Canada.  (more countries coming soon)

Donations for Events

Sending in donations of products to Pagan events for their fundraisers is a great way to get spotlighted at those events.  You can find a list of events on our website that are seeking products for their fundraisers.

Sharing Ladders

When you post an ad on your Social Media business page, some of your fans see it.  When you post it in a sharing ladder other people share to their pages so their fans see it too.  The more people participating in the sharing ladder, the more exposure all of the businesses get.

Group Ads

Participate in group ads in major magazines.  Cost sharing is a great way to keep your advertising expenses down.  The Pagan Business Network has already done one full page group ad in Circle Magazine, Sage Woman Magazine and plans on doing more.

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