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We know how challenging it is to be a business owner today.  Small business owners end up wearing all the hats for their business.  We have to be the sales staff, production staff, buying staff, bookkeeping staff, management staff, writing staff and every other job that needs doing.  Outsourcing is a nice concept but unrealistic for most small business owners.  So when do we find the time to learn new skills that will help our business?  Coming up with new ideas for marketing takes energy and time.

Here’s some ideas we’ve come up with.

1 – Everyone has something they are particularly good at or are knowledgeable on a particularly subject.  So how about we share that knowledge here on the blog?  Writing a guest post for the blog will also have the added benefit of giving you and your business some exposure.


2 – Swag Exchange – many of us vend at festivals and sell things online.  I would love to have a little something on someone’s table at a festival that I don’t go to.  Just a little freebie they can pass along.  I would be happy to do the same in the packages that I mail out or on a table when I’m vending.  Customers will remember I gave them a freebie and might even check out the website listed on the swag.  Swag can be anything from a business card to a little gift attached to a business card or flyer.  Maybe make up bookmarks or magnets with your store information on it.  You are only limited by your imagination and budget on this.  We have a page on the website where you can be listed to receive swag.

3 – We will keep a list of upcoming events that might be of interest to you to either vend or advertise.  Again, this list will be more comprehensive if you share information on events you know about.

4 – We have a page dedicated to information on your business.  Give us a write up, and image, whatever you’ve got and we’ll put it here and link it back to your website.

Any other ideas you have are welcome!  Please post them and let’s all get busy helping each other.  We are stronger together than alone.


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