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This is the first in a series on gaining exposure for your business. Many of our businesses are internet based. In this wide cyber world filled with loads of choices how do we get our business noticed? You can Google the question and come up with pages and pages of articles on the subject. I know because I spend hours each week reading those words of wisdom.

My husband and I have had an eBay based business for about 10 years. A few years ago we added Amazon and some other selling channels to our business. Those do bring in a steady income but the expenses of those selling channels sometimes outweigh their value.   And you still need to spend lots of time marketing. We decided finally that we wanted to market to drive traffic to our business rather than driving traffic to these larger selling channels. At the same time I decided to finally take the plunge and start marketing some of my own products. I’m going to share with you the tips that I have learned as well as the journey of learning new ones.

Our first business, the one my husband and I own handles products that we find through yard sales, flea markets and other bargain shopping venues. Think of it as an online rummage sale. We carry collectibles, clothing, home décor items and anything else we can get our hands on for a bargain that is easily shipped.

One thing we learned is that your website needs to be easy to negotiate. I am constantly tweaking the way things appear. That could be a whole other article so we will bypass that for now.

So the first part of this series will talk about Facebook business pages.

Why should you set up a business page on Facebook? My opinion is that you should never use a personal profile as your business page. Been there, done that. I worked on increasing the number of friends for months and had over 3000 at one point.   There are several reasons that I switched to using business pages for my businesses and projects.

1 – Tools – The first is that a business page has tools to help you gain insight into when, where and what posts work the best.

  • Likes – You can choose a date range. Facebook will create graphs for those dates showing your total pages likes, net likes (new likes minus unlikes) where your page likes happened. This information will enable you to determine if paid ads are working for you or if most of your traffic is organic.
  • Reach – Choose your date range. The graphs will show you how many people your post reached, how many likes, comments and shares you got, how many people hide your posts, report you as spam and unlike you. There is also a graph that shows your entire reach including when other people share your posts or page.
  • Visits – There are two graphs on this page. You can see the number of times each tab on your page was visited on what day. You can also see what website your visitors are coming from. This is valuable so you can see what other marketing you are doing is working and what isn’t.
  • Posts – This handy little page shows you how many people each post is reaching and what type of engagement you have on each post. It also breaks down the time of day that your fans are online.
  • People – This page gives you data broken out by gender, age and geographic location.

2 – Easier engagement. A profile requires a two step process to gain numbers. Someone has to send a friend request and wait for an approval. If you are sending out friend requests to people that don’t know you they may be hesitant to approve you. A business page can be liked seamlessly from anywhere on the web using FB like boxes.

3 – Facebook Terms & Policies – Using profiles is against Facebook policy and all your work can go down the drain if Facebook decides to enforce it and delete your profile. It has happened. Why risk it?

4 – Facebook ads – You can use ads to boost exposure if you are using a page. Not so with a profile.

Watch for future articles on setting up your Facebook page and ways to use it to gain exposure. We will move on next to some other social media options and talk about websites, graphics, selling channels and more. If you have a topic you would like to write about, please contact us. This site will be more helpful and valuable with contributions from all of you than it will be with just one voice.


About the author: Lady Charissa has been Pagan for 30 years and a Pagan business owner for over 10 years and active in the Pagan community. She runs Charissa’s Cauldron and Kit’s Flea. You can find more about her at Lady Charissa.

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