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Charissa’s Cauldron

How would you describe your business?

Charissa’s Cauldron has several focuses.  The product line I opened the store with is flower remedies or flower essences.  I make these essences from plants grown here on my property so I know they are completely organic.  Many of the plants are wild harvested from the 20 acres of farm and woodland here at Silver Pines.  Others I grow in my garden.

1395284_10203724020009828_2978475199395629442_nFlower essences are made by infusing natural spring water with the energy of the plant.  This system of healing corrects emotional imbalances by replacing negative emotions with positive and has been around for over 80 years.

I have since expanded the line to include crystal essences.  I have several new lines in the works that will be launched later this year.

The second focus of Charissa’s Cauldron includes products made by artisans in the Pagan community.  The Pagan community has a lot of talent making quality and unique products.  I like to find those that are willing to offer wholesale prices and add their lines to my shop.  I am currently showing 3 lines other than my own, have 3 more lines on order and am in talks with several other artisans.  My passion is community and I want to bring that into my business.10676316_10203722743977928_8569559288467021197_n

I also include a section in this shop called Lady Charissa’s Closet.  I am, like many people, a packrat by nature.  Throughout the years I have acquired more stuff than one person can possibly ever use.  I am listing some of these items in my shop in hopes that someone else will have the opportunity to love them.

What inspired you to start this business?

10407469_10203724065090955_3294368189238879099_nI managed retail stores for years.   I had always wanted to have my own store.  We moved to Rockmart to a large property a couple of years ago.  It just felt right incorporating products made from the land into the store.  Healing is one of the centers of my practice as a witch so naturally the first products were about that.

I have had some issues with my health recently.  I used to spend a lot of time and energy putting on events, running groups and traveling to Pagan events.   I can’t do that anymore.  So I decided to do something that I could do from home that would give me that creative outlet as well as a way to continue community work in some way.

Where can we find your business?11037314_10203724050090580_4369930098109153894_n

Our website is

Do  you offer wholesale, drop shipping, affiliate or other programs?

Yes to all three.  I offer wholesale on the Charissa’s Cauldron and Silver Pines lines of products.  Each piece goes out with a label that includes a 10% off code specific to the retailer’s business.  That way if the customer chooses to reorder direct from us we can track those sales as coming from your customer and you can be paid a commission on that sale in addition to the money you make from the direct sale of the original product in the first place.

11018578_10203723665280960_5330284298868566796_nIf your business can’t afford to make a wholesale purchase you can sell the product on your website and we will drop ship to the customer.  If you just want to make a little money promoting products we can assign you an affiliate code.  The affiliate code is also a discount coupon encouraging customers to use it at check out.  You earn commission on those sales as well return sales by those customers when they use the discount code.

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