Summer Time: A Time of Light, Dark and Shadow

I didn’t realize that when I started writing that I was going to be doing a series on healing our relationship to darkness and shadow. It had started before I started to write for the public and then I started sharing my thoughts on social media. I wasn’t completely understanding exactly what was driving me … Read moreSummer Time: A Time of Light, Dark and Shadow

Celebrating Beltane Dragon Hills Style


When you spend a long time among the various businesses within the Pagan community as I have, you tend to get asked quite often whether or not you know of any events at which the business owners could vend. I am often approached by various members within the Pagan community who are simply looking for events to attend where they can congregate with peoples of like-mind. Within the North Georgia community, we used to have quite a few of these events without having to travel very far; these days we’re far more hard-pressed to find any local Pagan or Pagan-friendly events that are less than an hour’s drive away from the Metro Atlanta area.

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