Pagan Clergy: Tips and Tricks for the Newly Ordained

Handfastings, Priesthood, Clergy, and Ordination, Oh My!

The Story!

A while back I was ordained, legally, to be recognized by the state. It’s an interesting thing, being ordained. According to most Pagan faiths, particularly in initiatory traditions, you become a Priest or Priestess in your own right.

The state, however, does not recognize this as a legally binding ordination unless the group by which you were initiated has a church standing filed under a 501(c)3 non-profit organization status, or you are ordained and vouched for by another legally ordained clergy member whom legal authorities may call for verification purposes. So, unless legally ordained, a Pagan Priest or Priestess may perform handfasting rites but may not sign a legally binding certificate of marriage.

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Celebrating Beltane Dragon Hills Style


When you spend a long time among the various businesses within the Pagan community as I have, you tend to get asked quite often whether or not you know of any events at which the business owners could vend. I am often approached by various members within the Pagan community who are simply looking for events to attend where they can congregate with peoples of like-mind. Within the North Georgia community, we used to have quite a few of these events without having to travel very far; these days we’re far more hard-pressed to find any local Pagan or Pagan-friendly events that are less than an hour’s drive away from the Metro Atlanta area.

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PBN Blues Series: “The Ballad of Stagger Lee” by Mississippi John Hurt

It is time for another installment in our PBN Blues Series. I hope you are having as much fun reading it as I am writing it. It is also my hope that you are enjoying the music that accompanies each piece. So without further delay, let us get down to it.

There are big dogs, and small dogs, and dogs in between these sizes. But everyone accepts that at any given time, there is always going to be a dog that all the other dogs know that it is a bad move to engage or start any “mess”. It is a sort of survival instinct.

The same sort of survival instinct exists among humans, as well. However, we tend to not listen to our intuition as much as we should. Those of us who are in the magical and spiritual business world are notorious for ignoring that neck chilling instinct that says “time to go on home and sit back down”. The over inflated ego can buy so much trouble that an entire bank could not cash you out of debt.

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