Ask Alice (Vol. 3)

I feel like as quarantine drags on, I’m delving deeper and deeper into my practices. I love it, but I feel like I’m just further isolating myself emotionally.  That makes sense. As we spend more time with ourselves, pieces of Continue reading Ask Alice (Vol. 3)

Ask Alice (Vol. 2)

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Ask Alice (Vol. 1)

I’ve been living with my family during the pandemic. Between COVID-19, the media, the current political situation, and my family’s previously-intolerant perspective, I feel like I’m losing my mind. It’s not realistic for me to get my own space right Continue reading Ask Alice (Vol. 1)

Advice to those new on the paths

I never met a magical practitioner worth a damn who spent 90% of their time talking about how great they were; why they were favored by the gods or ancestors; or how their initiations/traditions were the only pure or true Continue reading Advice to those new on the paths

Why are events for Pagan families so hard to staff?

children holding hands running through a grassy field

Recently, I got introduced to some other Pagan parents who were looking for…well, mentoring might be a good word. They were interested in writing for Pagan parents and Pagan kids, and we got to talking about events that have programming Continue reading Why are events for Pagan families so hard to staff?