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Shauna Aura Knight

How would you describe your business?

My business encompasses a number of my creative endeavors. I’m a fiction author and I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and soon I’ll have some epic fantasy and sci-fi coming out. I’m also an artist and graphic designer. I create textural, mythic, Pagan-themed paintings, and I make beaded jewelry. I also offer prints of my artwork and designs, and I have some of those designs available to be printed onto T-shirts, totes, and other items. I’m a graphic designer as well, and I blend my artwork and graphic design to create evocative book and magazine covers, brochures, business cards, and web graphics.

What I’m probably most known for in the Pagan community is my nonfiction writing and the workshops I teach. I write and teach about Pagan leadership, ritual facilitation, personal and spiritual growth. I have several books out on these topics, and I also travel around and teach at numerous Pagan events, though my favorite way to teach those topics is in the form of a weekend intensive.

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What inspired you to start this business?

This has always been the creative work that inspired me. I’ve been an artist and a writer since I was a kid, and when I started teaching workshops in the Pagan community. I’ve also done graphic design and illustration for Pagan businesses, or cover design for Pagan magazines and books. Like many artists and writers, I discovered that selling artwork and books is absolutely a business. And, while I enjoy teaching workshops, I’ve also had to look at that as a business. I used to pay out of pocket to travel and teach for free at Pagan Pride days and festivals, but I can’t afford to do that any longer. I’ve worked to strike a balance by charging for my travel expenses and ensuring I’m making money that pays for my time.

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 Where can we find your business?

My main website is a good overview; it focuses on my nonfiction and fiction writing, as well as the workshops I teach at Pagan events. My artwork, prints, and jewelry: Some of my art and designs for sale as T-shirts, totes, and other items:

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My graphic design and art portfolio doesn’t have my artwork or designs for sale, but if you’re interested in hiring me as a graphic designer, illustrator, or cover designer, you can see some examples of my work. In some cases, I may be willing to work for trade; I’ve done magazine covers in exchange for advertising in the magazine.

Do you offer wholesale, drop shipping, affiliate or other programs?

I can offer wholesale on my self published fiction and nonfiction books. I can certainly work out wholesale on my prints and cards. I may be able to offer wholesale pricing on my artwork and jewelry; we’d have to work out terms, but contact me if you are interested.

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Can you share your social media links with us to make it easier for customers to follow you?

You can email me directly at Facebook is a good way to get a hold of me as well, though I’m maxxed out on friend requests. I have several Facebook groups I run on Pagan Leadership, Ritual Facilitation, Chanting, and a group for Pagan Writers and a group for my fiction books.

Pagan Leadership Blog: Facebook (Pagan Leadership):

Fiction Blog: Facebook (Fiction):



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