Business Spotlight-Readings by Dru Ann

Dru AnnReadings by Dru Ann

How would you describe your business?

A year ago I would have said my business is as a tarot reader and intuitive counselor.. Today I am an author, performing artist, healer, teacher, speaker, intuitive counselor, healer and tarot reader. I teach people about their energy and how to use it to change their life.

My business is about changing your energy, shifting your thoughts and beliefs and changing your life.

Readings 1What inspired you to start this business

I have been on my path since 2002. I worked from 2005-2008 in Cassadaga, FL as a professional tarot reader. I loved it! But, life changes and from 2008-2011 I found myself back in the “real world” doing my best to make a living. From 2011-2013 I was able to go back to Cassadaga as an administrative assistant which put me right back into wanting to stay focused on my spiritual side. When the opportunity arose to leave my job and work on my own business in 2014 I jumped at the chance.

Books 1My passion is helping people lead better lives. Whether through a tarot reading, HEAL session or intuitive reading, I love helping people work around the difficulties they face in life and move forward.

Where can we find you?

Do you offer wholesale, drop ship or affiliate programs


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