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How would you describe your business?

Mystic Echoes is a metaphysical and spiritual supply shop that has a little bit of everything, or at least we are trying to. Our goal is to have something that can appeal to anyone regardless of religion, philosophy, and or spiritual path. While I myself am a witch and a Pagan I welcome Christians, Atheists, and those without defined religions or spiritual beliefs.

The goal of Mystic Echoes is to bring magic and spirituality into everyday life through simple and effective practices. The use of herbalism and natural magic is a major way that we can integrate magic and spirituality into our day to day lives with little to no major changes. It is through providing products for simple and effective spells and rituals that we are able to help bring magic and spirituality into the day to day lives of more people.

We have all natural herbal products and we have leather products as well as several other handcrafted products.  There is something to offer everyone in the community.  We do make custom leather products to an extent.

Burning a tincture

What inspired you to start this business?

Honestly since I stepped foot into my first metaphysical store its been a sort of a dream to have my own store. Where I could hold workshops and sell items and generally help people find spiritual, mental, and emotional health. These were all things I was looking for when I started to practice witchcraft at the age of 13.

Now what actually motivated me to start my business was the fact that I had been looking for work for several months with no real luck. I found out that I could get some help developing a small business from the same people that were helping me find work. So we changed our goals and started to work towards this.

Deciding what type of store I wanted to have was easy. Deciding the first set of products was not as easy. With the help of my fiance’ I was able to have 4 different tinctures, 5 different incenses, and 11 different herbs to start out with. I also had some jewelry and a handful of ritual supplies available.

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Since August 2013 I have grown to include magical oils as well as tinctures, magical powders, leather goods, and herbal spell and ritual kits. I will continue to grow into the future developing into candles, salves, & Bath and body supplies.  Most recently we have started to add aromatherapy baths to our selection of products.  Some of these are for health and wellness and some are ritual baths.

Depression Relief Bath

I would also like to one day have Reiki session, spiritual readings, and spiritual guidance available. For the moment I only occasionally give readings to people. I dont have the space to hold the other work. So for now this is what I can offer my community.

If you ask I may offer spell casting services.  However I rarely offer this.  Its something you need to contact my Facebook Business page for.  I will ask a lot of questions so I understand the needs and the desire.  However I will only perform spells that fit within my ethical paradigm.

Money altar Where can we find your business?

I am located primarily online. Though if you live in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Connecticut you may find me vending at the occasional event. I like being able to go out to events and have physical interactions with my customers.

Midsummer Craft Faire

I have an etsy store:

I also have a Square Market shop:

It is a dream to one day have a physical shop where I can have workshops and provide healing sessions as well as in person readings. I am very happy to have my start with the online presence, and even when I do get a physical location I would still have an online presence.

Sunshine Craft fair 2Do  you offer wholesale, drop shipping, affiliate or other programs?

Right now I am looking for a few shops to distribute my items. I work on a consignment session with most of the businesses that distribute my items. Right now I am working with two stores. One local called Leapin Lizards and one in Myrtle Beach South Carolina called Labyrinth walking. You can contact our Facebook page for more information.

I may go wholesale after a trial period of working consignment sales with a store. In order to go wholesale and put my time and investment into creating full batches of my tinctures, oils, and incenses for your store I am going to need to know that they will sell in reasonable time frames. This saves the store money and space as well as me money and space.

If you interested in doing consignment with me please send a message to my Business Facebook page or my personal page and we will work something out.  I am also looking at adding my aromatherapy baths to my consignment listings.

Key chain group

Can you share your social media links with us to make it easier for customers to follow you?

I have a large social network presence:





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