Business Spotlight: Midnight Thunder Jewelry and More

Midnight Thunder Jewelry and More

How would you describe your business?

My business is a one-woman show/circus that likes to travel around the state of Virginia and spread happiness and sparkly jewelry along the way  Ritual headdress

What inspired you to start this business?

I have always loved Native American jewelry/beadwork/color palettes and that admiration turned into wanting to join in the creation of it.  My first crafted item was a dream catcher for my daughter who was 3 at the time.  (Now 25)  After that I started wondering how hard it was to make earrings, then other items followed.  Since then I try to learn a new beading technique every month.Antler Candle holder

Where can we find your business?

You can find some of my items on my facebook business page,  or you can come out to pretty much any Pagan festival in Virginia and see me there 🙂

Sun catcher

Do  you offer wholesale, drop shipping, affiliate or other programs?

I do not offer wholesale pricing, because I try to keep my prices as low as possible already, so that my customers are getting a great deal for their hard earned money.  I’d be glad to ship any of my items, with the buyer paying the shipping cost.  I don’t have any affiliates (yet!) but sometimes I do run Facebook specials (% off) or Facebook coupons before festivals, show up with the coupon and get a % off or $ off merchandise.

Can you share your social media links with us to make it easier for customers to follow you?

I have an etsy shop but honestly have not even looked at it in about a year.  Its empty.  Around Yule I sell some Yule tree spiders on eBay, but you would be better off just contacting me through my FB shop page 🙂Wire wrapped ringsHandpainted octopus

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