Business Spotlight- Familiar Spirits

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Familiar Spirits

How would you describe your business?

We are a brick and mortar spiritual arts and supply store in Coventry Rhode Island with a heavy leaning towards the New Orleans Voodoo, Santeria, Candomble, Conjure and Hoodoo Traditions, while we do carry some generalized Pagan necessities as well. We specialize in one of a kind and hard to find items.We keep a good selection of herbs, minerals and zoological items  on hand, as well as candles both fixed and non fixed, powders our own hand made magical sprays and incense We offer Tarot and  Spiritual readings as well, in person , over the phone and by email through our completely interactive website. Not all of the items we carry are on the website so we do encourage people to come in and see for themselves !


What inspired you to start this business?

I have been a reader and spiritual artist/reader for 25 years , three years ago I decided to stop working through other people’s shops and opened my own, to be able to reach more people with my art, teaching and magic.

Where can we find your business?

790 washington street coventry ri 02816  401 338 0138

Oils etc

Do you offer wholesale, drop shipping, affiliate or other programs

we do offer limited wholesale on Spirit and Altar dolls

Can you share your social media links with us to make it easier for customers to follow you?

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