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How would you describe your business?

The crew of the DreadNaughty take pride in providing high quality natural and synthetic dreadlock hair extensions and hand crafted wig designs, without costing you the last of your precious booty! You’ve plundered hard for it! Though we prefer to commandeer fairs and cons, we aren’t disinclined to acquiesce requests for custom orders online, and have a variety of discounted standardized sets which still allow you to parley for color selection and upgrade options. Or, if throwing caution to the wind is more your style, have a look at our one of a kind character designs and sail off into the sunset as a whole new you!

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What inspired you to start this business?

I was once an officer of the East India Trading Company, overseeing the textile routes, and got it in my head that I should defect and take to the sea in search of my own conquests.  So I netted a crew with promises of fame and fortune, befriended a few mythological sea creatures along the way, and here we find ourselves.  I’ve always had a great love of fantasy, and charged myself with making a reality, costuming and character roleplay is a great way to do that.2

Where can we find your business?

We board many different local events, including the MI Renaissance festival and the like, but mainly we host quarterly shows through our Steampunk Community initiative, the Rivet Fleet.  Head to the main page to see the full calendar of events, fellow vendors are invited to show with us throughout Metro Detroit, each show is just $25 to vend as we strive to provide affordable opportunities for up and coming vendors to get established, and veteran vendors to have freedom to experiment with new approaches and product lines.

Do you offer wholesale, drop shipping, affiliate or other programs?

Yes, salons and weave shops may apply for our bulk piece/wholesale rates for use in installs.  Contact us for color charts, sample rings and more info.


Can you share your social media links with us to make it easier for customers to follow you?


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