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The Witches Hearth

How would you describe your business?

We like to think of our shop as a Candle and Gift Shop. When we attend shows and fairs we try and set up our booths as small boutiques to get that gift shop feel. It’s both pleasing to the eye and creates a small environment that is enjoyable to work in and welcoming to new and returning customers, and gives us an opportunity to meet new people who otherwise might not have given us a second glance.

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How long have you you been working in this field, and what sort of any of training have you had?

Our candle shop has recently, August 2015, reached its first year anniversary! There have been a lot of changes, ups and downs, and a lot of valuable experience gained as this one year anniversary also marks our first year in making candles to begin with. Candle making came so naturally for us that we started doing shows a month after we started the shop and are looking forward to many more years in business. As our company grows we look forward to learning much more from this experience.

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What inspired you to start this business?

There are many ways to answer this, as many things made it final that we would have an at home business. The biggest contributor those was the sudden change of place from a capital city with a decent job market to a home in the country side, in another state. The need of at home work to help cut the cost and time of both of us working in separate parts of our area, paired with our taking to candle making so well, made it final that I could stay home and make our products and we could attend shows monthly while selling online since that wouldn’t interfere with the husband unit’s better paying job. When the candle shop was decided on, it came down to naming and our target customer base. There never really was a specific group we wanted to aim for, as there are so many uses for candles, but we most certainly take some inspiration practicing Pagans, Wiccans and Witches. While we don’t actually practice ourselves, we are open minded and some of the best people we know, and many more that we’re sure we’ll meet, do, so for them we can offer products for meditative or other purposes apart from decor.

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What are some of your personal signature lines?

We don’t consider ourselves to have a particular signature line, there are many candle options available from us, we have soy candles and we have beeswax candles(made separately as we know this is important for customers looking for Vegan friendly candles), at least not yet. Since we’re still a young business we are still working on our signature scents which we then can apply to a signature line. Having worked for Limited Brands’ Bath and Body Works for several years I have a lot of experience working with signature lines and hero products and it’s given us the advantage that I can easily spot scents that belong to larger companies as part of their signature lines. We never want to take or purposely use another company’s scents, whether they are a large cooperation or a small business owner like us. And this gives us the opportunity to experiment with scents in our up cycled containers, making those more unique and fun themselves.

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Can you tell us about a specific product or service and why you offer that one?

Tea cup candles! We love these, and the people we meet at shows love them just as much as we do. Scouting for cups, ceramics and glass wares is always a good time, and every unique piece we find we research and usually can offer additional information on; where it was made, who made it, how old the piece is, etc. This is particularly favored upon by collectors that happen across our booths at shows. We don’t offer these online as normally we aren’t able to offer multiples of each like we can with our jars, but we always bring a large selection of these with us to shows and can offer a larger selection of scents this way.

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Where can we find your business?

Facebook is the best place to go for getting shop updates, including when and where we’ll be for shows, any changes to our stock and new products, and shop giveaways, as well as the occassional shout out to some of our favorite vendors. We do have an online shop up and running, however this may change within the coming months, but if we decide to change our shop that too is something that would be announced and linked to on our Facebook page.

Rolled beaswax taper 1Do  you offer wholesale, drop shipping, affiliate or other programs?

We do a flat rate shipping for all of our items, while some do carry an additional small amount to accommodate weight and in some cases fragility. We’re not quite ready for wholesale yet, however the next step for us is offering candle favors and if you happen to attend a show that we’re vending at we do try and offer a sale or special item specifically made for that show. The sales and specials we offer always differ between shows.

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Can you share your social media links with us to make it easier for customers to follow you?

Apart from our Facebook page, mentioned above, we’re on Instagram and Pinterest! Find us at:

You can also find the shop’s blog at, however this does not see many updates. In time though we hope to do more with it.

Fall new items

Do you have any current sales or specials or any products in development?

We just launched a limited preview stock of our Autumn fragrances and two additional new scents, available in new containers for the shop. We’ve also put our tumblers and tins on sale to clear out stock in preparation for the holiday season. Our tumblers and small tins however won’t be permanently discontinued; we love our tumblers and will be using those to offer a scent of the month candle(look for this around the holidays) and our small tins will remains as options for candle favors, which we look forward to getting into the works for the shop.

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Is there anything else about your Business or services you would like us to know about?

We are aiming to be a green company; our craft brown packaging and labels and both made from recycled materials and are recyclable after use, and all of our candle containers are reusable, with a portion of our stock being made in up-cycled housewares. We also like to keep our suppliers local, and our products simple. Most of our supplies are made in the U.S. while some of our candle containers are made throughout various parts of the world. We don’t mix our waxes, we like soy wax on its own, and we only use fragrance oil and candle safe dyes(dyes are used in votive candles and jars). We don’t add extra additives so our candles burn cleanly, the fragrance throw, hot or cold, remains at its best, and our candles maintain the occasional frosting which is normal for natural soy wax.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this!



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